Thursday, July 31, 2014

Places To Play: Downstairs

Downstairs is a cozy little place, catering to the D/S crowd. Tucked in every corner you'll find something to enjoy, mostly of the mesh variety, in a comfortable and friendly environment. On a nice day or night (which is pretty much every day and night in SL) you'll find even more to do with that special someone. What actually drew me to Downstairs though was another part of the build, The Boardwalk.

The Boardwalk

Not so long ago, while blogging an outfit, I searched...and I searched...for a boardwalk type build to shoot on. Nada, least not with an A-rating. Thinking I had just found something not currently out there in SL, and there isn't too many things that applies to, I happened across a blog featuring The Boardwalk at Downstairs. It was galore, a scenic little beach and a few intimate spots.
How about from here I let someone who knows way more about the locale take over, one of the owners of this sweet retreat, Cate Footman.

Sweetness on the Boardwalk

What brought about the creation of Downstairs?

Footman - It was a collaborative process between myself, Mollie Macbeth and Max Butoh who built the building.  At the time all three of us were involved in [the chamber] (Max and Mollie owned it and I helped as an officer) and we thought it would be fun to make a casual place for sexual encounters.  Max no longer is involved with Downstairs. 

Come On In

How long did it take, and did you do all this alone!?

Footman - It took about only a week to create Downstairs, or a little bit more.   I couldn't do this alone!  Mollie is a wonderful decorator and had awesome ideas about what we put in the basement.  The boardwalk took a few weeks however, due to RL business.

So what can a visitor to Downstairs look forward to when they drop by?
Footman - When people come by they can look forward to a relaxed environment with friendly people.  There are lots of adult furniture in every room.  Even the garage.  We have DJ'd events and awesome live music.  People are so great and the members here are amazing!
Inside and Out at Downstairs

What's up with the Boardwalk?
Footman - I wanted to expand this summer as we were not using the land space (Downstairs is actually in the sky).  I thought that a nice getaway for our members would be fun and so did some friends of mine, Isa Messioptra and Cipher Wadin, who both were amazing.  They helped me create The Boardwalk @ Downstairs which is for members and their guests. 
Sunset Over the Beach

If someone would like to visit The Boardwalk area they must click on the drivers side door of the truck in the driveway and use the tp to "drive" to the beach.  Members must have their tag on to have access.
So tell me a bit about the kinky mind that is Cate Footman?
Footman - I have been in SL for 6 years and during that time my tastes have grown and changed but the core of my kink remains the same.  I very much enjoy D/s relationships.  It's not about the pixel bumping for me, (although that can be fun from time to time), it's more about a mental connection I have with a man who is Dominant..
Membership fees - 150L to join the group
Voice - yes
Club/music (type)  - all kinds of music
Adult toys - There is a ton of adult furniture

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