Monday, July 21, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Jul 21

summer '14 Happy Ass Monday ! Yep that's what it is, and looking at Laura Demonista's opening picture, you just have to feel somehow in a good mood. She surely shows the best side of summer.

Without further ado, here is what we have on today's Official BlahBlah: quality uploads to the The Sexiest® Flickr Group and the Erotique Reflections Group. By: Katien09 Erin, Tessa Falworth, Charles Parker (featuring Lua Zemenis), William Weaver, Acey, Nearly Doune (featuring Sally and Chey), DarkAngel Marenwolf featuring the lovely FanFan Mills. Of which I am, no pun intended, a fan.
But also on this gallery, and not any less sexy: Bewitched Difference with Sam Hanks, Lyrical, Nora by Jacquimo Jackson, Erika Thorkveld and her diabolical masterplan, two shots by Anna Angela with Carla Draesia, Bones Deliciouso, Chandi by herself, and in one of those Nakuru Bergamasco pictures that leave you thinking: "Hmmmmm I WONDER what he wanted to say with that...". Featuring also Zynda Bergamasco.

And to close the gallery: Chloe Cotton by and with Scarlett Foxx, MurderDolls24, a very detailed view by Krystal Steal with Jeremy Seasick, and the customary Happy Ass Monday shot of the week by Kerri Fegte.
Rub it for good luck and have a great day!

Indiana your passion, my sin Sandy Butterfly the shadows start to fall... Hot Day at the Beach Sally and Chey 8 The heart of desire Loving moments... Happy Monday! Nora's Hot Afternoon "Cloning process is going well…" 105 104 taken by the tide Dangerous Curves Kiss It Chloe caged *PS*Bedroom The best View....
Happy Ass Moonday 7.21.14

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