Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Jul 26

Play time!

Welcome to today's Official Pornstars® Gallery. It's Saturday night, and it's time to party of course, but also Playtime! Isn't *always* playtime on SL? I wish! But we open with a picture titled accordingly, featuring the long sexy legs of Erika Thorkveld. And followed in equally playful spirit (the spirit of Alberto Vargas, probably), by a very memorable pic from Laura Demonista that totally tickled my fancy, and I decided to put out at my place.

But come on, the rest of the gallery is equally entertaining and most stupendous! There's Kirsten Smith in it, and Sugar, and photos by Pretty Parkin, Fawn Serenity, Nina Fearne, Marika Svenson, Graham Collinson, Daddy Chill (infernoschill), pretty_n_pink517. And it's always hot with Rosa Rhiadra, seen here with Nakuru Bergamasco, and we have G-Mo with Coco, and if it gets too hot, we have nurses to help you cool off, like nurse Selinah with Klashinkof, and nurse Casey with Jaden Eberhardt. Maximus Mil brings refreshments (pic by Carla Draesia featuring also Sand), and ...there is a dragon with Tala. Yeah I got nothing on that. But the pic is lovely. By James Wolfgang.
To round up the gallery, the gorgeous and talented Nyfre, Krystel Kayo with mr. Kahanamoku, by Lasga Claven, and finally, the proudly chesty Sylvy Tophat by Solid.

Have a good wet time at the party, and play fair and square! Just a bit dirty maybe...

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in The Bayou ; sweetness Closer... Howdy Listening and modelling Nina's Ass Blossom Erotics_0023 waiting Nak Daddy Owns the Night Nak Daddy Owns the Night Nak Daddy Owns the Night coco waterfall 3 nurse Taken care of THE 


Beauty and the Beast Photo A Senza titolo MDM and Krystel Silvy pic taken by solidx

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