Saturday, July 19, 2014

Black & White & a touch of Scarlett too


I love to see enthusiastic newcomers on the scene, and if you get to meet the girl called Chloe Cotton and chat with her, her passion and playfulness come through very naturally. One of the best ways to enjoy the whole 'career' in porn, is to share it with someone you love, and certainly I give Chloe credit for one more thing, besides being sexy and funny: she definitely inspired and motivated her partner, Scarlett Foxx, into taking more and more photos. And wow, I love her b&w production. Don't you? Look at some of the shots the foxxy one took just in the past couple of days.

Scarlett chained2

Scarlett chained

Looking sexy!

Dante & Chloe

Scarlett, chloe & Dante

Threesome fun!

Soo cute!


On her knees

Random weird picture...

Sexy chloe and sexy car

Pretty green eyes

Pretty neat stuff, don't you think? Check them all on her flickr stream. Can't wait for the next ones!
(models in the post: Scarlett herself, Chloe Cotton, Dante and in the pic above, the pretty green eyed Chrissy Zipper)

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