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How and Where To Release Your Second Life Porn Movies? Tips!

I'd like to thank Jasmine Skyward for helping the Second Life Porn Movie scene so much in recent years. The loss of SL Porn Tube is a big one for our porn scene. It offered us a quality platform to release and present our movies on. With truly great uploading facilities. SL Porn Tube was without doubt the #1 web site of choice to upload high quality HD content. We're very sad to see the site go.

I know many producers will have movies waiting to be released right now, and will want a way to show case them right now. With that in mind i thought i'd share some tips, and pass along some things which may help.

What next? What can you do if you're a movie producer? 'Back in the Day' ....Of course we all used Naughty Machinima. This site is still thriving, showcasing projects from all over the machinima world, including Second Life Porn. NM uses a very similar site layout to SL Porn Tube, The downside of using this site though is the small 150MB file size limit. producers may have to dial back their big HD movie sizes. It is possible though to upload movies approaching 20 mins in length if you use the right video compression.

H.264 is a industry standard codec for video. Giving high quality video at a very small size. All you need to do is run your finished movie through a H.264 encoder to reduce its size significantly. I have pointed many SL Porn Producers towards a free H.264 encoder which you can get here.... 

It is simple to use, just experiment with it to find the best balance between the 150MB file size and quality.

Other Sites?

Many Porn Video Tube sites exist of course. Although not all welcome Second Life Porn. One Porn Tube site i have been a member of for many years is XTube.Com. ( A heads up! This is a full on real life porn site, so be aware of displaying the page and having sound up! If you have people around who you don't wish to see it! ) This has an 'Anime' section, and seems to be fine with Second Life Porn videos i have added myself. My Videos have approaching 600,000 views at X Tube. So you'll not only get views from our group when posting a notice, but also views from a wider Internet porn loving audience! X Tube also has a much larger file size limit, 1GB i believe.

An advanced warning though, i have had my videos take up to a day to encode there and be added for public viewing. So give yourself plenty of time for your movies release.

There are surely other Porn Tube sites out there allowing Second Life Porn too. But X Tube is one i know and like.

Edit** Thanks to Pornstars members I will be adding to the list of recommended 'Porn Tube' sites which accept SL Porn Video. Such as 'XVideo' which has a 2GB upload limit!

A Handy Tip For making Your Movies Fit On Naughty Machinima.

If you do upload and get your video on X Tube, this may also be a stepping stone to being able to upload to the more familiar Naughty Machinima. I have had success adding movies which are much too large to Naughty Machinima using this technique.....

Step One : Upload to X Tube.

Step Two : Download free software such as Ant.Com Tube Grabber. Google it, or you can get a Firefox plugin here... 

This enables you to download, grab, and keep any videos playing in your browser on Video Tube Sites.

Step Three : Download your own video from X Tube. The excellent compression methods used by Tube Sites will make your file far smaller than any software you will have. Often meaning a large movie will be made into a highly compressed 'FLV' file. Which is a compatible format for sites like Naughty Machinima.

( This can also be done using a Youtube account, ensuring you make your upload 'unlisted' and private. Still ensure you delete the video right after you've downloaded it, as i have heard of people still being banned from Youtube for uploading adult material. So do it at your own risk, even though your video is unlisted it still breaks their code of conduct. X Tube of course you have none of these concerns. )

Step Four : Upload your newly downloaded movie to Naughty Machinima. Getting it in under their low 150MB limit.

A combination of using the H.264 video codec, and the above method should ensure you can get any project on Naughty Machinima. I have had movies approaching 30 minutes running time easily fit on NM this way.

One of our Erotique Porn Videos playing at X Tube. HERE!

The Pornstars Blog is also as always welcoming 'Press Releases' of your movies. Send us a synopsis of your movie, link, or embed code, and screen shots, and we will link our Blog readers up with your movie wherever its hosted, and feature it here on the blog. Contact myself ( Serenity Kristan-Faulds ) or Katina Cazalet in Second Life with a NC.

Watch Our Latest Movie Released On NM Via H.264. After The Jump!

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