Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Look Out For... Driscol Byron

A concerto with you

On the latest issue of Aroused! , you can see amongst the contributors a name, Driscol Byron, who, I make no mystery, is one of my personal favourite photographers.

Anything I'd say about the quality of her stunning shoots is I think, redudant. Enjoy a little selection, ranging from her quality b&w , to the colours, and that's it. And if you enjoy lifelike light studies with more than a touch of d/s, do follow her on Flickr! Goran itadaki arigatou gozaimashita.



Grin and Climax

A study of bondage 02

A study of bondage 01


A Fine and Private Place 07

A Fine and Private Place 04

Down 01

Not Talk 01

Test Shot Jan. 21 2014


Cage and light 05

Swing,swing! (Shibari #3763)

Total Oral Training 01 (Shibari 3801)

Bondage Test on Black Dragon 02

Bondage Test on Black Dragon 01

Test Shot May 12 2014

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