Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Look Out For...Ashina gallery

Ah, the sight of someone in love.
But also...Mhhh, the sight of extremely hot pics! Featuring one of the most famous and active pornstars on the scene, a veteran of the business by now. In great shape after just recently giving birth, by the way. By one of the most imaginative photographers on the scene, who just happens to be her partner. Yep, Melina (Melinakis Resident) opened a gallery location where she plans to hold on a regular basis art exhibitions. And of course, the first one couldn't have better subject than....well, but read her words:

This is the first exhibition i ever hold and it could by no means be dedicated to anyone else but ma lil monkey, ma luv-bud muffing, ma pouty lips. This is all for Ashlynn! Come visit it whenever you get the time!

Senza titolo

Thanks in advance everyone!!!!!


So yeah. You'll find pictures of great quality there


Like that one, and so many more, featuring lots of Sexiest® Pornstars. Ashlynn in the flesh is not included, but you can't have everything. Here's more pics of her at the gallery, whose name i assume indirect responsability for.

Go have a look and enjoy! Yes click me to TP to Ashina Gallery

And please, feel free to contact me when you hold an exhibition somewhere in world: I love exhibitionists! In the name of the arts, obs. Thank you!

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