Sunday, July 27, 2014

Meanwhile, in the world of Edenfell...

4-30-14 The Sleepover_012

As always, Lisa and Zuriel produce their own brand of adult material: together with Lisa's very sensual glamour shots, you can appreciate on their Edenfell blog at their best their lenghty sex shoots. The images speak by themselves, and there are more than enough to reach the intended result of getting the point of the story across, but when you let the pictures take you through the flow of their erotic stories, you wil find their detailed and energetic narration a true experience.

Their July sets show quite well the range of their narration, being basically polar opposites.
The first one is 'The Sleepover'.

Lisa and Susi have a sleepover at the Bedlam home and when Zuriel peeks in to find them tangled in a torrid kiss, Daddy can't resist joining in on the fun.

4-30-14 The Sleepover_008

4-30-14 The Sleepover_013

4-30-14 The Sleepover_015

4-30-14 The Sleepover_019

4-30-14 The Sleepover_021

4-30-14 The Sleepover_024

4-30-14 The Sleepover_032

And the second one, has a definitely stronger flavour. Not the slightest hint of vanilla in here, for 'The Lost Hiker' (here is the plot)...

Cold, lost, and hungry, Susi stumbles onto a cabin deep in the woods. She believes she's found rescue, but the two men living at the cabin are even hungrier than she is, and only when it is far too late does she learn that they are not even human. my ideal for my wholesome Sunday post to compile before going to church. Basically a threesome rape with a twist. A very gamey twist.

5-25-14 The Lost Hiker_025

5-25-14 The Lost Hiker_026

5-25-14 The Lost Hiker_036

5-25-14 The Lost Hiker_037

5-25-14 The Lost Hiker_040

5-25-14 The Lost Hiker_041

5-25-14 The Lost Hiker_042

5-25-14 The Lost Hiker_044

5-25-14 The Lost Hiker_046

5-25-14 The Lost Hiker_048

6-1-14 The Lost Hiker_002

6-1-14 The Lost Hiker_011

Aaaand CUUUUUUT! To see the rest, you can head to Edenfell. Of course, you can have a wild guess about where the story is headed from here, so, check 'The Lost Hiker: Part Two' post only if it's something you are not completely unconfortable with.
The vivid and richly immersive narration on the blog really shines, and regardless of this being your cup of tea or not, I think that even peeking at the paragraphs you'll have to give big props to Lisa and Zuriel's skills. Enjoy!

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