Thursday, July 10, 2014

Memories of Erin

Summer Memories 1

I'll start from the bottom this time: from the last of the sets that I am spotlighting, and this comment from one of the people involved.

"Erin, these are wonderful! And you're an amazing story teller. Thank you so much. We had such a fun time with you and would be honored to do a photo shoot with you again any time!"

What can I say: whether or not you are interested in 'reading' the captions (then you are not reading this anyway , prolly :p), in these three photoshoots you see how the versatile Erinyes Celestalis is working with some of the most active people in SL porn, and with different styles, she is telling hot erotic stories. Simple ones that still add flavour to what the bread and butter of these shoots is: steamy sex encounters.

Check these out, then, which are, in order: 'Summer Memories' with Dean Davidson, 'The Nurse' with Edvard Taurion (hey, Domino was right, she IS a nurse) and 'A spot of Spelunking' with the Edenfell team of Vixxen Rainbow and Zuriel Bedlam.

Enjoy, and...looking forward to the next batch of erotic 'graphic novels', we'll see with what style...and lettering!

Summer Memories 4

Summer Memories 5

Summer Memories 7

Summer Memories 8

Summer Memories 10

Summer Memories 11

The Nurse (B)

The Nurse (C)

The Nurse (D)

The Nurse (E)

The Nurse (F)

vixxen and zuriel (A)

vixxen and zuriel (C)

vixxen and zuriel (D)

vixxen and zuriel (F)

vixxen and zuriel (G)

vixxen and zuriel (H)

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