Monday, July 14, 2014

'Picnic in the Gardens' by Addison Summerwind

Picnic in the Gardens_005a

Oh what a lovely set by Addison Summerwind.

Gracefully erotic, lovely atmosphere and mood. And features two beautiful blonde models, one on the rise, the other already by now a well established star in the 'porn' scene: CeeCee and Partee.

Nuff talking, have a look at it, on Flickr, and check Addison's stream, of course, for much more!

Picnic in the Gardens_008a

Picnic in the Gardens_018a

Picnic in the Gardens_038a

Picnic in the Gardens_025a

Picnic in the Gardens_052a

Picnic in the Gardens_056a

Picnic in the Gardens_061a

Picnic in the Gardens_073a

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