Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Jul 10


Oh wow. It's Thursday already. How did that happen?
But well, no panic. This is your Official Pornstars® Gallery, even on Thursdays, and we begin with a wonderful pic by Athena Obviate, with the 'Honeymoon' of our Dirty Little Girl Moonie and Ryu Quasimodo. The photo is as always from Athy, top notch quality, but I am keeping my fingers crossed for the release of a full blu-ray set with all the rest of the honeymoon footage.

Moving on to other smexiness: a very special pic by Delicence, the voluptuous Meg Corral, another version of a pic by Miss Emily I really enjoy and yet another b&w wonder by Ash. Did I say b&w? Laura Demonista comes to mind, of course, here in 3 pics. Yes, one in colour, because miracles do happen. Followed by Bewitched Difference's artwork, with 2 pics featuring David Dowd, and one by herself, and by Vixeee, Downboy's work, Bernard Broono photographing Kat Kassner, and YAY, it's Sucu Uriza, whose brilliant photos I admit I really missed. :-)

And to close the gallery, there you go: Lasga Claven in clientwork, Sassy Lexenstar, and speaking of sassiness, a few introductory pics of a newcome to the group, the cute elf chloe82xx aka Chloe Cotton. Congrats everyone for your wonderful pictures, and catch you tomorrow for more!

Special Beach Time! 4th of July on the Beach Oblation up close and personal Predatory Even Sinners Seek Solace Playing with colour Playing with colour Feel 

the water... Raining Karmal Kat Kassner on Honey Isle VI How you'd fuck me? <Jiggly-bits> Client : Lilly Ales & Sass cowgirl2_002 softglow1

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