Friday, July 11, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Jul 11


Thank God it's Friday! On what other day could you have a Friday Official Pornstars® Gallery? Hmm??? Well, a Saturday, if I am very late with it. Or if you live in some part of the world freakishly distant from mine. Sheesh, you are a such a difficult audience.

But anyway! We have pics so damn sexy any day of the week. Such as Jaden Eberhardt's hawt opener. And then we have Erika Thorkveld, sexy in any decade, and the impressive work by Kayah Slade, featuring veteran director and known personality Zev Titanium. Followed by Salena Lima in a pic by herself (lol at the title...), and from Jacquimo Jackson's stream.
Then! Ivori Faith keeps homaging fellow pornstars: I show here her pic with EmeeLee Ember and Miss Emily, while mr. Jackson has time for some self love. Falcon Ghost returns in a set by Rachel Swallows, Priscila Balogh appears in a pic by and with Papi Kingsley, and we have Louise Kristan-Faulds, Lea Juneberry bi Solid, and two sexy and funny shots by Desiree Harcourt. And to wrap the gallery up in style, party Dj extraordinaire Yana Grau in one of her sexy self made poses, Lona Lenroy brings us her unique glam touch, and Erika again entertains us with cheeky humour. And lastly, an upload by Baxter Aubin. Have a great party time, people!

80's style selfie Gorean Trophy Ballet Fernicate Exposed by Salena Emee Emily Jax Off New Falcons Return Falcons Return Falcons Return Me and Delicious Papi The 

Last Rays Of The Day Lea by the beach. LockerRoomA LockerRoomB Blocking the door [ωαιтιηg ƒσя уσυ = ♥] Mutual scaring
Frontal A

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