Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Jul 2

One of my loves: Lorelai

Hi everyone and welcome to this Wednesday's Official Pornstars® Gallery. Without elaborate intros, I am just gonna open the gallery with yet another tremendous effort from Iris Sweet, featuring "one of her loves", Lorelai. Followed by other fine work coming from The Sexiest® Flickr Group, the Erotique Reflections Group and your kind submissions.

Such as merry widow Spirit Eleonara with Zoom Sprocket, 3 shots from Sylvana Button's great new set, and 2 by Sandra Palletier capturing a very fun time for the lovely Jocelyn Thorne. Then we have the bodaceous Domino Dupre welcoming summer on her blog, one sexy capture by Malibu Mint, Krystal Steal, 3 by Delicence, and 2 each by Dominic Dawes featuring his newest Obsession Fifteen models in Lexi Kitten and Kenzie Starsmith. Then, reprising Spirit Eleonara with Zoom, and Malibu Mint this time by the wonderful Athena Obviate, I close with yet another delicious pic by Jill Delicious. Have a nice hump day!

In Violet Light The Whip (4) The Whip (6) The Whip (7) Gangbanged Gangbanged Beat the Heat 4 *~ Shadows of the Photographer.... Nightsquirt Beach Fun Facetime Lexi_Kitten_002 Lexi_Kitten_018 Kenzie_Starsmith_009 Kenzie_Starsmith_012 In Violet Light
Malibu - If you Can Catch me

♫ Pink Beats ♪

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