Monday, September 26, 2016

Spotlight: September 25 ∙ Luigi Trappattoni

  Luigi ∙ by Ali

  'Spotlight' is a special photo gallery featuring works by photographers and models from our community ∙ enjoy!  -Ali

  I think most of us know who Luigi Trappattoni is.  The quintessential classic porn star, Luigi embodies all that is the classic porn stud.  From his dangerously large cock to his hopelessly misplaced fashion sense and his arrogance.  When Luigi walks into a room you immediately hear that cheesy guitar 'wah-wah' music playing in your head: "Bom Chicka Wah Wah".  A little known fact is that Luigi is actually the creator of motorboating (boobs).  Yes, he is legend.  His photos frequently impart a message or a lesson based on religion (or really God knows what).  Please enjoy the selection below from the man, the cock, the legend.. the king of porn? - Luigi !!



Luigi Trappattoni

Luigi Trappattoni

Luigi's Last Supper

Your Mother gave Head too

Luigi and Junah educate the porn world: Lesson one: Don't play with matches

...And on the 8th day...

Maratona paranormale

Luigi - Emozione, Cesira!

The Prodigal Son

Disco dancing at the gates of Hell (with Foffie Katzenberg)

Luigi poses with young admirers - Bambina Fleur

Luigi and Junah educate the porn world: Lesson two: Meat is murder

The boys are back in town

Luigi meeting young fans: Heal the world

The King of Porn

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