Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Pornstars' Rack: September When It Comes

Sigh, the summer is almost gone. But hey, on the upside, a new batch of hot magazine issues arrives! Such as...

SL Connoisseur

SL Connoisseur #12 (September 2016)

SL Connoisseur in the person of its owner mr. Edvard Taurion is always the most swift to provide to the Sexiest Pornstars blog (in the person of, well, lazy me!) the material for a blog post, and here we go. Following the appearance in August of our founder and patron saint Emmanuelle Jameson, a new issue with on the cover none other than the group party planner and dj of hundreds and hundreds of gigs at numerous clubs in our party circuit, Moonie. Needless to say, in a stylish pictorial by Cream Release.
From the technical editor Kristina Deschanel (relatively obscure but pivotal role, in the engine room of the magazine so to speak), to the interviewers and photographers, to the well established and highly followed on flickr Laura Demonista and the centerfold and cover artist Cream herself, the staff of this magazine approaches its first anniversary with the usual commitment and focus, operating as a unity for their larger issue to this date.

Trepass to land, or trespass to goods? To goods, I'd say....just check out Laura's story !

I mentioned under the umbrella name of "interviewers of photographers" what constitutes the bulk of this magazine, as per their tradition, but they deserve individual, in-detail mention. I mention first Edvard himself, as the interview he did with animation and furniture designer RohanaRaven is so fresh, mixing amiable garrulity with rather profound considerations. Such an entertaining read! But it's just the preamble for Beccha and her amphibian trip to Sea of Aquabelliza, Onisa Lundquist in two interviews with fashion designers, and the bombastic Kayla in a very detailed feature about the work of the very talented Nicasio Ansar. I could go off on a tangent here and start praising the mad skillz of this guy that you have already seen portraying countless erotic models and even starring in some of the movies from our porn community, most likely without knowing at all his talent as a sim architect...
Kayla came back from Nicasio's Mirage and Nocturnal sims with remarkable photos. Check out her flickr too, for more!

...but I won't (she said, after doing so), and instead simply focus on the interviewER. I had the pleasure to follow closely in person the 'on field' work of Kayla Bombastic about this feature, admire her approach and her extremely pleasant conversational style of interview, and precision in the final rendition of it. Myself and the muse of some of Nicasio's most remarkable intuitions , Kei Frequency, are also featured in this interview, as the guy always discreetly tilts the spotlight away from himself. Thanks to Kayla and her photography that complements the interview itself and the journal of her individual exploration, the spotlight is ultimately all on the two sims described, as it should be.

A stellar model, TammyJones shot by Onisa in this issue!

Anyway, we're on the Pornstars blog, what's the status on tits and ass thing, Kat? Yes , yes! SL Connoisseur can tease you with the sexy girls and will! Not only with the rawking hawt Moonie, but also with gte lovely Tammyjones, taking the role of Pet of the Month in a shoot by Onisa, and not enough praise has been levied for Laura Richards' work, in one story with an especially raunchy crescendo!

Emmanuelle Jameson was amongst the guest snapped by Kristina in her party photos that open this issue.

...and since I mentioned those two last: few people can regale a crowd at a party like mrs. Richards, as can be attested by anyone who attended the past sl Connoisseur parties, dj-d by Onisa with her dainty voice and nice selection of tunes. Wanna know when is the next one? Why, glad you ask! It's today at 11 AM SLT, right here!


So, come to the party to get a copy of the magazine! You may end up in the next issue that way. But if you missed this party opportunity, just go grab your copy from the notice history or even better, archived forever, the marketplace store!

To schedule a post on the Pornstars blog, simply contacting me, Katina Cazalet, inworld, is enough! Let me know when you are avalaible!

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  1. And take it from one with experience, unless your name starts with "Part" and ends with "ee", don't attempt to attend parties from your phone. ;-)

    Regardless, great issue, and awesome party, congratulations to the team!