Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Pornstars' Rack: Happy Anniversary!

Wake me up when September ends. Actually, a little earlier, I have a party to go to. The one for the anniversary of...

SL Connoisseur

SL Connoisseur #13 (October 2016)

One year of SL Connoisseur! It's great to see publications make it that far, because in Second life, a year is A FRIGGING LIFETIME! And as the founder, owner, publisher of the mag Edvard Taurion says in his intro, "It was a long and bumpy road, but also full of so much fun and surprises. I am glad we all made it". 
Speaking of someone who looks like they have been through a long and bumpy road...One year of Connoisseur means also a year of memorable centerfold shoot by the wonderful Cream Release.

And a year of interviews and more!

You know, in one year of coverage of this magazine, never once (well, except the time when I had the honor to be on the cover myself) I had the chance to know in advance who the pin-up for the coming issue was going to be.
This time I thought I had a bit of juicy gossip when chatting with Cream she told me that the cover girl of this month was "a pain in the butt to work with". Well...duhhhh. You fooled me, Cream!
I should have known better. The staff of this magazine, beginning with the committment they take when they accept to have their work exclusive to SL Connoisseur, have shown absolute diligence, dedication to their work and professionalism. Credit to Ed for shaping his magazine this way.

...Also a year of  erotic stories. Laura brings her debaucherous sensuality and  the punchline of this issue is hers again.

But first and foremost credit to the staff members, who again did beautifully this month, for their thickest, most polished and well thought out issue to day. As it always should, the next issue being better than the previous! This issue brings us more of the active contribution from Onisa Lundquist, who does the photography for Edvard's interview, plus interviews and shoots with other 2 designers (including one of my favourite jewelry stores, damn!!), not to mention the 'Pet of the Month' spread, this month with a beauty out of this world, Monique LeFry!

Sideboob, 3/4 arse, high heels, and Pluto in Pisces. Yes, I think I stargazed enough today.

The latest addition to the team this issue is Court Faith, a name you read A LOT in the porn world lately. Nobody is as active as she is now with her photography. In this issue she interviews and photographs a content creator very familiar to our readers as well as a group member and already covergirl in a past issue of Busted, Akira Kira.

Fashion designers, sim owners and obviously furniture creators on this issue. 13 issues of original content!

And SL Connoisseur doubles on the erotic stories this time AND on the Cream, because together with Laura Richards' contribution with a story perfect for this issue that leads to Halloween, we also are treated with erotica featuring Cream herself and one of the cutest models on the scene, the lovely Lara Dieterle.

Cream and Lara drawing a crowd!

Speaking of the Halloween mood and binary occurences, Kayla Bombastic for this second appearance on the mag shows us as well a great pair. No, you pervs, I mean the location reports SL Connoisseur has brought us from day one and that the Bombastic one has debuted covering in the previous issue. The dramatization of her visit to Ironwood Hills is a great read even for those who already know the sim by heart. Which you won't anyway, since it's an ever-changing one , that Kayla's narration will compel you to visit again, trace her steps, or make it your own experience!

Kayla's photography and writing are definitely inviting. This month, Ironwood Hills and  Byrd Island

Finally, a mention to Kristina Deschanel's work putting all the pieces together as the Technical Editor of the mag. Over 200 pages not easy to compile, and with a presentation that gets slicker - really pleasant splash pages presenting most articles this month, I really liked it. Plus, she happens to do the party photos that open the issue, which is a bonus since she got some reaaaaally nice action shots...

Mooned by Moonie, at the previous Connoisseur Party!

What's to add to close this post? Obviously a shoutout to this upcoming party, today Thursday 29th, at 11 AM SLT!

Come to the party, have your photo taken, meet and greet Ed, the staff, perhaps get a chance to be in an upcoming issue...but hey, first and foremost get this new issue, as it's pretty good! In fact, don't wait for the party and do your homework: get Connoisseur from the marketplace store!

To schedule a post on the Pornstars blog, simply contacting me, Katina Cazalet, inworld, is enough! Let me know when you are avalaible!

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  1. Congratulations to the whole Connoisseur team and a tremendous anniversary issue. I couldn't be more honored to have been the Pet of the Month for this milestone issue and thanks so much for that, and to Onisa for a wonderful set.

    Also, I really think it is more 2/3 arse, but now I am just splitting ... What's that saying? Arse cheeks? No, hairs, splitting hairs. Nailed it.