Sunday, September 4, 2016

This challenges!

We love to give coverage to every and any initiative aimed at the crowd of passionate photographers, filmakers, artists who make up so much of our active community. I admit my limits and tell you that I am a rather poor 'hunter' of opportunities not being on Flickr a lot, so I will suggest to please, share your findings on the in-world pornstars group or just IM me, Katina Cazalet, in world, especially if you are unsure about the appropriateness of the entry.

I appreciate the work done by our own Jadelyn McAuley relaying us the information about the "Fun in the Sun" photo hunt. From the blog post about it by one of the sponsors (the other being our favourite US-time party venue Hard Alley Social Club )

What is the idea behind a photo hunt and how does it work? The idea is you pick a sim, and all contest entry photos must be taken on whatever Sim was chosen. For our very first photo hunt we will be using Vice Beach. You are welcome to use the entire sim is not just limited to the beach area.

Rules in short? Take a photo at the Stroker Toyz sim, submit it at this flickr group here before the 18th of the month, the photo must have NO EDIT work done except cropping, that's the biggest challenge! This is a wonderful opportunity for every aspiring photographer and for the more established ones as well, with a solid 10'000 L$ grand prize, and other equally impressive gifts. Be creative!


Kayla puts Johnny to work for the winning photo of the last contest in 'Motivation'! 

In the nawties department as well, I am also giving a shoutout for Bibble Sugartooth's group, 'Bibi's Photo Contest'. Join the flick group, and the inworld group as well, to hear more about it all including the full list of winners. The current contest that just closed was 'Spank that Booty': as you can see Kayla Bombastic really nailed it, and I don't just mean JohnnyWhadd's booty.Prepare for the 15th of this month and the new theme "Erotic Bondage"
Darling, the floor is not so clean yet...

Marika Djannovic's winning entry for the P.A.S.S. contest, sponsored by Swallow. Features herself and an indentured servant.

And in closing for this post, another group that offers to its members a regular challenge is Brea Brianna's P.A.S.S. group. With the sponsorship of a famous brand of clothing/jewelry/skins/awesomesauce, Brea offers to the group members the chance to take part to a photo competition that nets pretty nifty prizes to the winners plus the outfit you see in these pictures, that was at the time an exclusive Fetish Fair item. Here you see the photos, starting with the 6 winners in order, and then the runner ups in alphabetical listing

by Lara Sands-Dieterle

by Athena

by BeeQueen Smythe

by, hello again, Kayla Bombastic

by Monique LeFry

by Biarzenne Necro

by Callista Aries

by Carola Conover

by Dakota Faith

by Missy Lovesu

These 3 contests blogged all offer a tangible monetary reward, but there are so many groups on flickr about 'challenges' of creativity. What's your favourite one? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below, or in my nawty box inworld.


"She said she wanted to feel my meat and who am I to say no to that." by Talisker, because...title.

“The biggest challenge after success is shutting up about it.”
― Criss Jami

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