Saturday, September 3, 2016

Wanna Flick? Alexa Through The Looking Glass

The movies released are always too few to placate the roles-hungry actors, but still a significant number comes out every month. Many are released sorta...quietly, without even a notice in group. Le gasp! Thankfully it's not the case for those directors who take their producer role at heart and really want their creation to be seen and enjoyed It's the case of Alexandria Topaz, this time in her latest, "Through The Lens-Carnal Hellion" .

     movie stills courtesy of Alexandria Topaz

Let's see some more about it, in the director's words.

" The story takes place in a photography studio where Photographer, Seth, has had an interests in Shooting a well known Model and Porn Star (Alexandria Topaz). While shooting her through the lens Lustful thoughts are on his mind of how he'dlike to have sex. Immediately entering the bedroom those thoughts are still in his head as he makes his move on her." 
Oh hey, sound like it's from a true story up to this point! Ok I let Alexa continue...


 movie stills courtesy of Alexandria Topaz

" There's a dual split on the screen to present him having sex with her in the bedroom and kinky/ raunchy type sex with her elsewhere as he's envisions in his mind. Is that the only story line involved? Not at all. While Seth's mind is on his true carnal pleasure, Alexandria is solely pleasing plays along to get what she desires. That's as close to the cliffhanger as your getting. I like to keep most of my movies/story lines open as a means to perhaps add to it in another project. You'll have to watch and see. Enjoy!!! (Smiles)" "

With her previous Alexa in Wonderland, Alexandria's cinematography and production design were aimed at creating a very distinct and at the same time well known and represented setting. Alexandria was catapulted in a movie in the movie, where the roles were panning out as you'd expect only to a point, in a trippy erotic experience that you could certainly interpret as not really having a happy ending.
The ensemble cast in iconic roles, the elaborate scenography, even the humorous and detailed dialogue and screenplay all converged to a dark fantasy. This next movie has just 2 characters, a realistic setting, almost purely sex and no dialogue, but it IS a dark fantasy.

I use that expression influenced by something Alexandria posted on her own blog in this other article, where she goes deeper into detailing part of the thought process behind her artistic choices about the movie's photography.Alexandria cites the use of in-world photography tool. "I haven't seen a film out there with the use of Lumipro on it, so I thought i'd add it to this project. One can consider this project one of the first Porn pieces presented with the use of photography software and minimal video enhancers added. Parts of the video appear dreamy and dark as i wanted it to have a "Dark Fantasy" effect. "

The split screen has become a stylistic trademark of Alexa by now, but the usage of it in this flick is especially interesting. Even the most casual viewer cannot help but notice the kaleidoscopic scramble of erotic, pornographic even, images on one side of the screen, made even more very vivid by their RL nature. Other director trademarks (the camera following Alexa closely in her walk) and expert editor tricks (the rendition of the photoshoot, the cross-cut to that sensual embrace you see on the movie poster too) make the movie more than the sum of steamy scenes.

Once more I invite you to not just peruse the blog posts about this specific movie, but properly follow Alexandria on Flickr, but especially through her Peaches n Cream Productions blog. Alexa might be just one of the numerous photographers and handful of active directors you already know the name of, but the passion, fluency and understanding she puts in her blog posts are a very rare find. She makes a point to give a view on the scene at large, and the posts about her own work are precious production diaries that can let you know more about what happens in the mind of the creator, about what led to what you see on screen and even what could have been different and what's next to come.
Enjoy, after the jump!

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Through The Lens-Carnal Hellion 

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  1. Great work again by Alexa! Love how this movie is crafted.

    And of course, quite happy to see the return of Ms. Cazalet to the blog.