Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Pornstars' Rack: August, with Gusto!

Okay if last month was hot, now THIS month it is REALLY REALLY HOT. Am I really talking about the weather? Yes, because it is REALLY , REALLY...okay fine. Part of it has to be attributed to the sexy stuff here. Judge by yourselves when you check out this issue of...

SL Connoisseur

It's always a tough choice when it comes to start these posts, because...where to start from? Oh, the magazine knows perfectly where to start, and how to end, in a circular structure of sort. It's a well oiled machine that since its very inception almost 3 years ago brings every month to its readers a perfect structure for its goals. A regularity that is a distinctive trait predating the magazine itself when you consider what the name Edvard Taurion grew to represent throughout the years in the world of porn with his blog. One of those ever-present features are sim reports, and it's a particular pleasure to talk about this one here...

The Mystic Timbers representatives here!

Because this time it's about the gem of a sim co-owned and managed by our own Rachel Swallows! Osiris Leshelle, true to her style, organized this article very well, switching flawlessly between the two different subjects of the interview (Rachel and fellow co-owner Sol ) to produce an agile, informative and entertaining piece of work, rich in photos just like Mystic Timbers is incredibly rich in variety. A must read-and-see to anyone who has not been there yet, and some who may have been already and missed some of the latest surprises the sim keep offering.

Cally made for a perfect model in this photoset with a touch of timeless charme from Kara

Of course, what else are you looking for in this magazine if do I euphemize this? Oh right, it's the PORNstar blog so I need no euphemisms! I'll then uh, synech-do it for you ( no i am sure it's not a word). So, tits! ass! pussy! Because yes, there's some real white hot exploticism (explosive eroticism...another word I made up!) in this issue, black and white hot in one case, too. And with some names I have been hearing for years and that thrills me to see featured. I am talking about Tegann Parx and Cally Janus, two bombdacious (no it's not a word either but I think it's effective!) babes who respectively as centerfold for Theia and Pet of the Month for Kara Hawk, really bring the sexiness value off the scale!

Oh looks so mouthwatering! Ok, that kinda applies to every part of the photo, minus perhaps the flamingo...

Besides the ever present double 'studio' model shoots, and I have already had chance to praise Theia's flawless pinups and Kara's constant growth into the role (just look at the shot presented here!), there's always the more spontaneous shot of the Party Star.Here's the part where I remind you how freakin important for this magazine is the infatigable Kristina Deschanel, sure, but also, wow, here's also when I tell you how you really should come to these parties! ƊƛƳԼƛ (dayyla) got in some neat photos taken at last month's party! Now it can be your turn! Yes yours!

At the SLC parties, a moment of distraction and BAM , Kiki's camera caught ya!

Which other magazine offers you a free , sure, chance to be in the next issue through the party photos roll, and a high chance to be in a pictorial taken right on the spot? And you know, that adds to the ever present chance in every party in porn, to be noticed and to make your qualities count. And for a magazine!

So without further ado: August 2nd at 11 AM SLT, aka today, it's time to PARTY with the SL Connoisseur staff! Leannan McCormick will be the DJ, Kiki will be taking pics, Edvard will be Edvard, with the raffle and all that...what are you waiting for ?

Check out the magazine before getting to the party zone through the MP link or just get it during the party'll be flipping pages instead of checking out the hot guys and gals there then! Your choice, I am sure you can do it stealthily and look all cool as a cucumber when it's time to be photographed! See you at the party, and enjoy!

Want to see your work featured in this blog? IM me (Katina Cazalet) in world or leave a comment here. An article on this blog is not meant to be a special privilege, it's only a matter of being interested in it and meeting me halfway providing the material, as long as you do something that is of interest for the community!

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