Friday, September 26, 2014


If you are a member of The Sexiest® Pornstars in-world group, chances are these days you stumbled in chat into debutante director Jay Alexander Frost (JayFox Resident), promoting his first effort 'Breakfast ON Tiffany'. I have some memories of mr. Frost from his porn debut days, when he was an elusive actor in a production by the sorely missed multiple Sexiest nominee Candy Diamond Babestar (now Cindy Lustmore), and he was fully committed to SL pro-wrestling stardom.

My knowledge of wrestling in general is quite scarce (mostly my ex doing his Ric Flair impression in his bathrobe, I'm scarred for life) and my knowledge of SL wrestling is non-existant, but all you need to know is that he's been a super-champion of that, and hey, we're here to talk about porn anyway.  Sweaty guys, scantily clad ladies, but different type of holds. Hopefully.

So, this movie (can someone explain the title to me, please?)  from Frost Adult Productions (F.A.P... that's very inspired!) is a solid debut. The music is very porny, and underlines the quick pace and no frills philosophy of the movie. The setup is indeed very porny: we have a naughty secretary in Cassandra Hastings, beautiful actress, and Jay of course has a good screen presence. So, yeah, at its lean 4 minutes of runtime it's definitely one to check out, and it's nice to see a new director around, who is also sending out casting calls for new productions.

One very well known and active adult superstar is of course GiseleHendrix aka Krystal Steal. Here's a presentation of her movie from this summer featuring also Jay: F*cking Nurse!

As you might have guessed, it has a f*cking nurse! Yep, f*cking is what she does, on the poor unsuspecting patient, who thankfully seems quite in good shape. Also, fuck the censorship, why did I put asterisks on 'Fucking'?

Do check it out! Krystal's filming is as usual of high standard and the sound is definitely...intense, she looks hot, he looks hot, there's not much more you need to know to phantasize once more about sexy times in a not so amene place like a hospital ward. On this note, we wish the former dr. Ross a happy marriage, and I leave you to a couple more pics and the enjoyment of the clips now.

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