Monday, September 8, 2014

The (un)Official Pornstars® Gallery - Swimsuit Special Cuatro


Has summer officially come to an end? There have been nice and memorable summer photo shoots, this summer (duh), and lovely pin-up shots worthy of many 'Swimsuit specials'. Then again, isn't ALWAYS summer in SL and don't people ALWAYS love to pose in their beachwear? Hmmm! Interesting question. So is this gonna be the last of these 'special' galleries for the season? Possibly. But I am sure there will be more to come. There you go, enjoy these great uploads to The Sexiest® Flickr Group and the Erotique Reflections Group.

On this gallery: Connie Arida, a group photo by Addison Summerwind (featuring herself and Lion plus Lily and David Dowd), Bre Leroux, Jadelyn McAuley, a pair of Acey Hearts, Strawberry Singh with Akami, Ayara Illios, Parthenea Mytilene with Lexi Fizzle, Lexi Fizzle with Partee (I hope they didn't suffer from sunstroke, they obviously spent hours there), a photo by Alicia Mureaux, another group view, this time by DarkAngel69 Vig featuring Lily, Fleur Coco and herself. And then, Jewell Firefly, Dee (Sweetoz), a couple by the gorgeous Eva Sobieska-von Schönberg (Shalimar Poliatevska), and we finish with some Sugar, Alina Moonkill, Ireland Anthony, Yukii Kawanishi with Miss Emily, TexasRob McRae, Beca Staheli, Dorza Silveira. Enjoy some rays !

Family_032a Waiting For Ark On the Rocks Acey's Bikini Week Wednesday I Acey's Bikini Week Wednesday II save me waiting_001 Sunset Enjoyment with Lexi Lunch with Partee Beachtime Darkangel69, Fluer and Lily beach beauties Waves .::WoW Skins::. @ CSR and Osito for Hello Tuesday 2nd Sept! Beach Blonde1 Beach Bimbo 2 ; your pink obsession. My summer Another at the beach Yukii & Emily rough life_001 Sunday Pool Party Tranquillity_002

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