Monday, September 8, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Sept 8

Venus Attacks

Welcome to your Official Pornstars® Gallery. Without a doubt the best photogallery on planet Earth, and now ready to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before. Ok I am not so sure about the 'no man' thing, actually. They are kinda entertaing to have around, in a long trip especially. But nevermind!

Are you wearing space pants? Coz that ass is out of this world! Oh, nevermind, that old joke doesn't work. Kirsten Smith doesn't wear any pants in her trip to Venus, nor Ash does in hers to the Moon. But both are simply fantastic. All of these asses, I mean, photos, are! Need proof? We have in fact Moon, like, мσση ™, with Gwen, and we have Nakuru and Zynda Bergamasco (on the right day? What's up, Nak? :o) followed by more Ash, the fantastic blogger joycejuhhh Bing, Kemi Miles, Daddy Chill, Kelli Kristan, Deirdre Paulino, a photo by Tiiago Ribeiro, 2 by Neofabulous, 3 by Juicy Tequila (wow!).
And Leilani 'Bella' Wolfgang, Jeyonce by MaximusMil, the gorgeous Bijou Rau, Cindy Starostin with Syxt Reyes, and we close with 2 really erotic photos by 2 photographers you can spot on SL erotic magazines this month: Athena Obviate in Aroused, and Laredo Lowtide in Busted. And with the lovely Rusty Seesaw by one photographer we want to see more and more, Bill Riker. And we have reached the bottom for now. See your ass next week, your tits tomorrow, and the whole package anytime.

A trip to the Moon Morning shower Happy Ass Monday tightening our ties Let's Play Doctor Bouncing... Eroics_0029 Spread DevilsCanyon_007 Callie ♥ Fernando Aelaelis_005 Aelaelis_006 Double Bubble Crosseyed Curves Posterior Analysis bend me over ooooo Anaconda ❥ Oceaan Breeze !!! Hand In Hand
Athena - No Touchy
Cracking on
*Rusty Seesaw*

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