Friday, September 19, 2014

Visit from Partee

Partee-Ryu 1

Ryu Quasimodo has quickly made an impact on the scene not just appearing with his iconic pornstar wife Moonie, but with his own photography as well. And this really hot session puts him on screen with another star who appeared this year and has risen to the top through lots of passion, active presence and a great mix of modeling for others and producing her own material. We're talking about Parthenea Mytilene of course, and we have already talked enough. Short and to the point, Ryu's intro for this set:

Partee came to see me, Soo sexy ;) Thanks for the hot time Partee *winks*

Enjoy the set, and more of Ryu on his flickr!

Partee-Ryu 2

Partee-Ryu 3

Partee-Ryu 6

Partee-Ryu 9

Partee-Ryu 12

Partee-Ryu 15

Partee-Ryu 19

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