Monday, September 15, 2014

Laura : Always On The Road !

Let's Go For A Ride

The unbelievably prolific artist known as Laura Richards (Laura Demonista) is not one to normally engage in sex sets, but her unbridled imagination brings her to follow themes at times, often reprising them after long pauses. Recently we have seen her tour Europe, being into vintage comic book covers, her personal homage and interpretation of the works of Jack Vettriano and Alberto Vargas, and of course the newest trend, the damn hippies.

One theme I enjoyed a lot through the summer - and I am totally not a car person - , is Laura going through all sorts of transportations. Presenting amazingly beautiful and detailed pin-ups, work that would belong with professional magazine ads, and just silly fun.

So, watch this small selection of Laura riding stuff, perv her most amazing flickr (careful, it's a longer trip than the Paris-Dakar), including the Carnography album that inspired this post...and Enjoy!



Vroooooom too


mobile service


Power Beauty Soul

where does this bit go

Truck Me


A Day At The Races

We Miss You

Yes I might have made a few unconventional choices at the end...but variety is the spice of life. Plenty more cars at the links above ! Personally, I'd ride a dolphin any day of the week. :p

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