Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Pornstars' Rack: Mid-September Magazines!

What's my big face doing down there? Of course it's a new issue of...


Aroused! Magazine Issue 10

Already at its tenth issue, Aroused! keeps showcasing amazing talent on its pages, in another issue full of exclusive photoshoots. I have already lauded the hard work of Marika Blaisdale previously, so this time i will focus on the photographers.

Dakota has her hands full with her apprentice River.

In this issue Marika took a step back from her usual contribution with two photo sessions, to leave more to the incredibly high quality material provided by the artists on display this time. Dakota Faith brings us a variety of excellent models in some of her finest work. It's always a a pleasure to see photographers going the extra mile for the chance to be placed on a magazine, and surely she delivered big time.

I fear for that poor tiger's eye...

But that can be said for everyone else. You can admire the splendid artwork of Athena Obviate, who seems to have reached a new level of excellence in her already immense skills. And Cindy Starostin, who already wowed the readers in the 2nd issue, this time brings a renewed eroticism with her very explicit photos with her partner Syxt Reyes. And speaking of hard working photographers and explicit shots, Sandra Palletier puts a gem in the crown of her super-busy and so fertile summer of erotica, by delivering a potpourry of spurring shots with delightful models that she breaks in to the world of porn.

Yana is naked and music is not playing! Something must be wrong.

But hey, I am not gonna forget the work of Marika anyway, especially with such a foxy model featured there!

So, seriously: go to MP, get it, and take a look at all those wonderful photoshoots. Aroused! can also be found in kiosks in-world (IM Marika Blaisdale if you want to place one at your location), and all for free and with minimal advertising. Enjoy your new copy, and see you in two weeks!

Feel free to contact me in world about your magazine, if you think its content is relevant to our blog readers. Thank you!

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