Friday, September 19, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Sept 19

Seadog Gothic

Hello and welcome to your Official Pornstars® Gallery. What, were you expecting "Pornstaarrrrs" gallery? Just because today is 'Talk like a Pirate Day' ? Oh come on. It gets old so fast. But! Never gets old to me to see Kerri Fegte's boobs! Featured here in a parody of American Gothic above, and displaying below her precious booty.

But there are so many more precious goods here. Such as the 2 beautifully styled images by Moon, and Dakota Faith (before and after !), Asari Darksun with BigDaddyVes, John McQueen featuring the stunning Layla, Margarita Blanco @ the Busted Haunted House, Lord Bane by Jodi Sharple, Sazzie Lexenstar, and yet another funneh pic by Laura Demonista.
Then, 3 great photos by newcomer Naomia Shanahan (Naomisha Resident), 2 -one each- by the creative team of Spirit Eleonara and a quite confused Hard Rust, 2 by Racheal Rexen, and OMG Alexandria Topaz! Good to see her around again. And we close with a perfect work by Kayah Titanium (Kayah Slade) in a pic that will connect with about a dozen of different fetishes, and 2 views of the beautiful Nikki T (Nichola Catteneo). There you go. Now have a great party time and see you tomorrow. You, uh, scurvy dawgs. Or something.

Talk like a Pirate Ninja Strike @Fetish Circus @Fetish Circus The real reason they created the super serum rocking in Ballz Deep Shivers Busted Halloween 3 Busted Halloween Lord-Bane-2 Snapshot_006a Fruit and Veg On chair 1 Pinkish On chair 2 Tables Turned Mirror, Mirror big comfty chair Sail Away Divine Ass ets Daddies Breeding Pig Nawty Heels 3 Nawty Heels 2

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