Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Look Out For... Peyton Adler

Remembering how to relax...

Ah-HA! Got ya. I so wanted to make a post like this about Ms. Adler ever since her debut photoshoot, true to her name and the inspiration, 'The woman' of Conan Doyle fame, a la Moffat.

But then she had a break from RL, as it often happens in SL. You can see browsing her flickr how much of herself and her personality she can put in photos, and I am very pleased now to have a lot of new photos from her to show, mixed with a few from her first stint this spring. Looking forward to see her creativity in full blossom.

By the way! The 'Caged dove' set above, as Peyton says, is a 'Currently on-going set -- more to come, suggestions and requests welcome!!' ...so, this could be interesting, right?

Photos by Peyton , except the 'Lingerie in lilac' ones, signed by Law.

in preparation

night captive

the view from down here

the view from down here

Lingerie in Lilac 2

Lingerie in Lilac 7

Lingerie in Lilac 8

Ok, maybe.

I could get used to this.

Oh yes.

Not stopping.


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