Monday, September 22, 2014

Official Pornstars® Gallery: Sept 22

As The Waves Roll In

Happy Ass Monday! Yep, that's what I wish you. Because the week has just begun, but it's already a good time to look back. And backs. One obviously deserving attention and praise is always Domino Dupre's, in one of those lovely summer views that we will not see for a while. Sigh. ...Yeah, as if. We always get sun and tropical waters in SL.

But still, goodbye summer, we say with Kirsten Smith, and hell-oooo fine butts! With the rest of our gallery, composed of: Sazzie Lexenstar, Nichola 'Nikki T' Catteneo, Mikil and Luv Caramel by Junah, Luv and Mikil Tiki by Junah (yeah, one back view each!), another wonderful production by Bill Riker bringing us Pleasure Saxondale, and then...Luafloor Moo, Kelli Kristan, LilSimone in 2 photos from a delightful set by Graham Collinson. And ! Nawty pics by Kaoru Kira, Damion Theas, Ayara Illios, Chandi, Yoho Waco, scenes from a set by Jaden Eberhardt, and we close with an intriguing upskirt view of Marika Blaisdale, and the full back of Marita Karu. Have a great Monday!

Goodbye Summer My home Pussy Play Dancing until Sunset 01 Dancing until Sunset 02 *Pleasure Saxondale* ~Esperando...~ Anyone Home Lil Simone Lil Simone Greedy Game with Aura jennifer A Forest Devil Wears Pink 2 The 

best bitch Chiyo and her delicious ass Capture Capture II Capture III I Love my Ass :) I Love my Ass :)

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