Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pornstars Facials - Special Gallery! #6

This is miss Easterwood

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

No, really, that's it. I don't have any follow-up to that. All I can say is, behold the gorgeous faces of these Sexiest Pornstars®. Models and photographers, photographed at their best (most of them at least! :p), and showing us the care and attention they put in their avis, and the vision of the artists portraying them. Enjoy. Credits are at the bottom.

Head Shot Chloe Scarlett new look HeartWinter Gwen Madame rêve Rosa (7.16.14) Dokie (7.29.14) Rae (3.8.14) Dark - Pure inspiration Whims The Editor Her eyes Portraits: Junah Emee Rachel Dakota Close up 02 Close up 03 Timeless Lady Bane Mugshot Margarita Blanco Mugshot

On this gallery: Tatiana Easterwood by ARnnO Planer, Kirsten Smith, Acey Heart, Chloe Cotton by Scarlett Fox, Scarlett by herself, HeartWinter by Junah, Gwen by Junah, Moon by Moon. From Kei Frequency: Rosa Rhiadra, Dokielicious Doobie, Raelin Jestyr. Darkangel69 Vig and Whimsical Aristocrat by Graham Collinson, Marika Blaisdale by Saka 'Bonnie' Bonetto, Katina Cazalet and Junah by Marika Blaisdale. Emeelee Rage by Zach Larsen, RachelChristine Avro by Charles Parker, Dakota Faith by Melinakis, Melinakis and Ashlynn Jameson by Dakota Faith, Spirit Eleonara, and Lady Bane and Margarita Blanco by Dokie!

Ok, I might have broken my "no naughty bits" rule for this gallery, but come on! That's a wardrobe malfunction... :p

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