Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Free and Easy

Test Drive

'The Free and Easy Car Wash and Filling Station is in full swing! We're sucking them in and pumping them out!'

The always creative Erin Celestalis has released photoshoots with this theme lately, and true to her style, they are cheeky and sexy. The first batch featured Crystallia Gothly, Edvard Taurion, EvaSasha and herself, followed by Miss Harmony (Harms Lemon) and by The Cougar(toynanicole) and Ms. WildCat (darkpast666) , whose fans will be no doubt thrilled by her appearance.

Visit Erin's Flickr, always full of lovely photos!

chrys and me 1

chrys and me 2

chrys and me 4

eva ed and me 1

eva ed and me 2

eva ed and me 3

eva ed and me 6



cougar and star_010(emp)

cougar and star_003(emp)

cougar and star_035(emp)

cougar and star_022(emp)

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