Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Sept 10

upcomming Rez day shoot

Hello and welcome to your Wednesday's Official Pornstars® Gallery! Today is Hump Day, and Eva Brunswick's Rezzday. I would suggest to merge the two and just hump Eva to celebrate. I am sure she'd enjoy that. Just sayin'! I am waiting to post the pics of it happening.

As for the normal gallery schedule, well: I am very pleased to blog the wonderful Deelite Zenovka, sexy as ever in Lasga Claven's photo right here. And more porn from Margarita Blanco in 2 shots (and traces of many other 'shots' on her naked body), more action from Melinakis (Featuring Ashlynn Jameson and Mellie Criss), one very artistic shot by Mr. Jackson with Lacee Laviscu, plus: Asari Dark Sun and a double dose of Dokie with her new The Mesh Project self, and portraying Shyama (woah, hello there).
And then: two photos by Jodi Sharple (herself and Mr. Dai), one for the lulz by Ashlynn Jameson, 2 by Emma Starr, 3 classic views by Laura Demonista (front, rear and hat), a sample of the eating habits in th Bergamasco family (nice meat! juicy and raw just like we love them, served hot), and some Be stuck in the vines (it's very hard to disentangle those, last time I remember it took her months to get rid of those wrapped at her feet). To close the gallery, another 'killer photo' by Luka , to quote a comment by another great artist, and a bathing and yummy Kelli Kristan, and Kat Kassner and a Dalek. Neither of them wearing clothes. Because we are kinky like that. EXTERMINATE!! Err, I mean....Have a great day!

Deedee Zee Snapshot Snapshot Flowers In The Basement November Rain snapshot Dokie in the Mesh Shyama 1 Jodi-art-8 MR-Dai-2 Ice Cream Sandmitches
girlnextdoor 1 Manny 6
Front Rear You Can Leave Your Hat On Sausage in the Mornin Tangled Tangled Morning has Broken ... Bathing Exterminate! [ Air Romance, sim 76 of 365 ]

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