Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Sept 13

Summer's Almost Gone

Welcome to your Official Pornstars® Gallery ! I should maybe be sad reading the title of our opening picture, 'Summer's almost gone', but watching a naked Serenity Kristan-Faulds kinda lifts my spirits. Seriously, if you ever need to break bad news, just do it captioning a pic of Sere. It works! Do you need a demonstration?

Ha! Got ya in a Lame Kat Segway®! 'Demonstration' is the title of a sexy set by Sandra, of which I post a couple pics. Check the rest out on her flickr, and her great work on this week's Aroused! while you are at it.
But there's more: with 2 photos by Bernard Broono with of course Kwaibebe Kaventipovic, and with : 2 by Carly Mode, 1 by Niro Grey, 3 by Neofabulous, 2 by Jaquimo Jackson. And! Caity Tobias, Kittyinda Henhouse, double yumminess from Sylvana Button, Bibi Bachem sandwiched between 2 Vanderbilt photos (Bo by Bo, and Amanda by Teeny). We have with a bit of the most recent re∙ALI∙ty installment with miss Lancrae herself and Lua Zemenis, followed by Whimsical Aristocrat featuring Fleur Coco, and Laura Demonista takes us away for today. Well, ok, she is the one being escorted away, but we'll see her and her hippie chick again tomorrow. I promise ! See ya, peace.

Demonstration Demonstration Demonstration Above it All II Above it All c&m c&m3 Snapshot_021 Semper Sole Insulam Semper Sole Insulam Semper Sole Insulam Moods Moods Turtle Beach - Wine and good music! :) Bonjor Take 1 Take 2 Bo Vanderbilt - Good Morning Scream Bitch......we all luv to hear ya scream! Amanda Big Booty Lua's Lesson - 1 Lua's Lesson - 9 Lua's Lesson - 8 Inverted Blues Peace Out

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