Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Sept 17


17-14 Vixxen's 9th Rez Day_001

Hello and welcome, to the Official Pornstars® Gallery! There are many things happening as always in the porn world. We open with Vixxen Rainbow, because...Uhm, I forgot. Maybe the photo contains a hint? Melinakis brought the cake (altho Tatiana Easterwood and Mitch Silverfang worked a little too hard on the decoration), and Iris Sweet takes care of the drinks. Could it be ...for Beth Macbain's birthday? Nah, I am sure it's something else. Well, I will figure out.

So, this gallery brings you : 2 samples from Agustin Wonder's exhibition, erotic snippets by Lauralar, Laura Demonista, Lunacara, Moon, 2 sexy graffiti by Lucy Lu, Anna Angela, more Dani Sari awesomeness shot by TexasRob McRae, gorgeousness by Belen Ackland, Deesselle Destiny, Ash, Saf Z, and we close with a triple treat by Danity Kane, one of my faves from Meryll Panthar and...I still can't figure out what that Vixxen wanted to tell us with her pics. But she looks happy, so, good for her, and 91 of these days ! See you tomorrow!


17-14 Vixxen's 9th Rez Day_003 Mind the damn cake! Filling up...... I'm 45 today. 'Somewhere Between Art and Porn' Photography Exhibition - Touch 'Depths M's Bell 9 to 5 BEA Figure it out ! Intensity Primal urges 139 gothic gobo_023 I 

can feel my instinct here for you... -Belleza- Venus * Whisper Saf - 09.12.14 Lamp Light Dark Erotic The Aftermath Just thinking about it Midnight Liaisons 9-

17-14 Vixxen's 9th Rez Day_005

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