Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Sexiest® Movie Premiere!!!

One of the best parts of having a somewhat organized porn 'scene' is being able to hold events, network with other people, and have some social gatherings. A big charme about the beginning of this very blog was exactly the spotlight it would cast on directors, culminating with our own version of the Oscars, the Sexiest Awards. Movies are such labours of love that they deserve more than just a link in chat and such, especially with the new trend of more complex projects, feature lenght movies, series.
One brilliant idea that has not been explored in years to my memory, is to organize a movie premiere.

I received some top quality 'press release' material here, from the delectable 'PR' of Naughty Pixel Productions, Stacia Reinoir-Winsmore, whose affiliation with the CEO of Naughty Pixel not to mention director of this series, Zoey Winsmore-Reinoir, is fairly obvious! Let me quote this for you....

" On May 7th, 2016, Naughty Pixel Productions will throw a gala party to celebrate the premier of the latest installment of its "Business of Women" series with a night of fun and music in its studio. The gala will feature the premier of part four of the series, a showing of photography of Zoey Winsmore, and music provided by DJ Stacia Reinoir.

Naughty Pixel Productions specializes mostly in Lesbian and Foot fetish movies, while occasionally producing movies for the heterosexual audience as well. The studio has been active for nearly four years in the Second Life adult entertainment community and has produced over twenty-five high quality videos. As demonstrated in our current series, “The Business of Women”, a focus on story is as important to us as the “naughty” parts.

Zoey Winsmore founded Naughty Pixel Productions in June of 2012, after having worked in videos from other studios. Having been in a few of the other studios productions, Winsmore knew that she wanted to do something different, and began work on “Lesbian Babysitters,” a six episode series of adult entertainment. The current production of “The Business of Women” builds on the success of that series and brings a more intense storyline and an amazing cast, with a series that emphasizes character and story development as much as the sexuality.

Winsmore is the executive producer, photographer and primary director for Naughty Pixel Productions. While the studio focuses primarily on the production of videos, they also do photography on the Studio’s website and on Flickr. Quality is always going to be more important to Naughty Pixel Productions than quantity. You can find links to all of the productions from Naughty Pixel Productions on the studio's website (

Zoey performing the quality control on the final version of the movie....well, or not!

What I can add to this highly professional presentation, true to my 'all over the place' blogging style, is that initiatives like this can only be beneficial to the whole movement of Second Life porn. Besides the handful of people involved directly in the filming, there's the thrill to see an adult production presented as the focus of an event. I already expressed my views about the series, and more importantly, interviewed the ever charming and smart Zoey Winsmore about the series, and I am definitely looking forward to be at the event, and to watch the 4th part of her 'Lesbian Porn Noir', a series full of atmosphere and with many points of interest.

One of which being the star of the production and Dj of the evening, Stacia Reinoir!

The event is scheduled as follows:
-  At 6:30 PM SLT Naughty Pixel Productions Studio opens its doors to the visitors. You have a chance to take a look at the locations and meet and be greeted by the cast.
- At 7:15 PM SLT The Premiere of The Business Of Women Episode #4 begins
It's an exclusive premiere that will be shown in world, before the episode goes 'live' for the general public through the usual channels.
- After the exclusive Premiere there will be a Party, with Stacia Reinoir as DJ. If you are not familiar with her tunes, she happens to be a pretty terrific DJ, who enjoyed real SLbrity before she became a part of our community, and her latest set got broke easily into the top 50 of Mixclouds. Check it out if you are in the mood for some good music, she'll have certainly something special in store for the evening.

So! Take a peek at the three previous episodes, here after the jump, or if you prefer, reading back about the interview... They were embedded there already :p

I hope some of you will follow Zoey's example, with her excellent, thorough blogging and this glamorous initiative. Please, feel free to send me any 'press release' and news about your endeavours. See you tonight!

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