Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hello! Pornstars - 11 May 2016

by Junah @ Pornstars Plaza

Lots of gorgeous avis strut their stuff every day at the Pornstars Parties! Plenty pictures taken, some staying in the 'vault' of the inventories/hard disks. Which is criminal! Share them! I want to publish them! That's why Junah up there needs a big spank.

Brit-X Topless Tuesday

Zuby Gloom Darkes Dark_Final

by Zoey Angel @ Pornstars Plaza 

And why I thank Zoey Angel (Zoeymara), Larry Vinaver, Ashley Sugarplum and many others, for taking their share of naughty, sexy, plain hot party photos! Wednesday is the day of the party at Porn*stars Sex Club, where these pics were taken. Lot of fun to be had there, as you can see from the complete weekly coverage made on the blogs by Miss Emily.

Guess the ass

sexy kitty butt

Anyka and Zoey's butts provided by Ashley @ Pornstars Plaza

We love to cover every party photo taken at any of the Official Pornstars parties and events. Feel free to upload them on flickr, and point them to me through an IM: it can only help me blog them.

4 - 27 - 16

Porn party

by Ashley (above) and by Larry Vinaver (below) @ Pornstars Plaza

But time for the party photos exclusive to this blog: you guessed it, it's DJ Yana Grau's snapshotting, this time from the beach party of the 1st of May!

Yana's dynamic parties always produce a ton of photos, and they are a lot of fun! But I don't have to promote her party of course (Friday and Sunday, 1-3 PM SLT, @ Club Yana!): like any party in the pornstars circuit, just be there, get seen, meet photographers, actors, models, the odd filmaker and see why Pornstars love to party!

Again, shame on you, Junah!

And this is just part one, as there's more to come. Hope you enjoyed the photos, and stay tuned for more!

You took party photos ? Wanna be on the blog? Are you interested in being a party photographer for the Pornstars group ? Do you host a party and want people to see the sexy patrons that visit and have a good time at your place? Just upload your photos on flickr, and IM me to be sure I don't miss them out!

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