Monday, May 16, 2016

Important Info Regarding The Sexiest Photos of the Day Galleries

Let's start by thanking the Sexiest SL and Flickr group members who participate in the Galleries and themes that we sponsor, and to each of you very creative photographers and models who work so hard to present your sexy-beautiful images - Thank You!

The Galleries have been managed in such a way as to allow as many people as possible to participate and have their awesome work seen. Special emphasis has been on the Happy Ass Monday and Topless Tuesday Galleries, with the criteria for being on the gallery: "Just post a photo that is in theme and it will appear on the Gallery." At first there were about a dozen entries for each Gallery and posting them all was a snap. These two themes then took on a life all their own and over time became very popular - which is great!  Currently they have become so popular that they are 'victims of success' in that there are too many in-theme photos to post to a single gallery.

It takes an average of 6 minutes (give or take) to scan the Flickr pages, select a photo, post and link it. That's OK for 12 pictures but too much for 50, 60 or 70+ photos, which can take 7+ hours to complete. These two Galleries will now be limited to a more sensible 18 photos approximately for each. The photogs and models will be rotated so that the same people will not appear on all Galleries. Also, on Monday and Tuesday, all levels of skill will still be posted, so as to keep the important feature of everyone having the same chance to appear. The rest of the nights feature more skilled/artistic submissions.

The Galleries are:

Friday - HOT 10 AT 10

Let's keep the sexy fun and creativity going!

♥  -Ali

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