Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May The Sexiest® Photos Of The Day Be With You!

May the 4th be with you! For a few more minutes at least! We continue the blog tradition of running 'special' posts for the so called 'Star Wars day', because...well, because we know you all love it.

The Force Awakens

'The Force Awakens', and not just that, as you look at Serenity!

Today there have been quite a few wonderfully creative shots to celebrate THE saga, but so many more have been published as well throughout the year. Here's a little compilation (made entirely from my memory and from my recent spottings, so don't pout if you are not there! I promise you will be next year!), that I am actually kicking off with a mini-set from Nicasio Ansar, who has helped me through this year immensely.

And that obviously, under his extremely gentle and kind demeanour, hides a deranged maniac.

Enjoy, and let me know if you wish more 'special' galleries and initiatives to be promoted through the group.

Thank you, and Qapla'! d'oh, wrong series, sorry.

She Dances for His Entertainment

'She dances for his entertainment' by Pwincess Buttacwup

May the Fourth.....

'May the Fourth......' by Spirit

'May the 4th be with you', thanks Woiven!

Intergalactic Warrior

Waiting on Lord Vader

Butta is 'Waiting on Lord Vader'

Darth's New Apprentice .

...who's gonna tell her that Margarita has him busy?


'Rebellion' by Terri Topliss

Come on~

you know you want too

Eddie after last year gives us another whole themed set with 'The 4th strikes back'

Margarita The Force

'Margarita The Force' by Leanna Mai

Happy May The Fourth

And Margarita's version. Check out her flickr for a lot of sexy May the 4th photos!

SciFi shoot Busted Magazine Januari

SciFi shoot Busted Magazine Januari

Be in a couple of photos from her Busted Magazine shoot of January 2016, a whole sci-fi issue!



Having Your Endor Way

Of course Laura Demonista had photos for this theme!

Twilight Twi'lek

Sorry, Wrong Door...

Dokielicious Doobie has been working on a Star Wars related comic, these are just 2 samples of her project, that announces to be epic!

The Force Awakens

'The Force Awakens' by Korri Petermann aka Jewell Infinity

Tisha - 2

Edvard - 1

Two photos from TammyJones' huge sci-fi album , featuring here Tisha Carfield and Edvard Taurion


Sere is one wonderful BBW!...wait, no, i misunderstood that.

Star Wars Battleground Fan Poster

Kaoru Kira is a big SW fan as well. Here's her 'Battlegrounds Fan Poster'

Star Wars

Star Wars

Star Wars

The uber-cute Lara Sands-Dieterle made a complete Star Wars set for Aroused 34! May the 34th be wih you!

Togruta Slave Girl

Togruta Slave Girl

My what a big light saber you have!

So many gorgeous Star Wars themed photos by Rachel Swallows throughout the year, avid roleplayer as she is. More in this set.

look out

Feel The Power of the Latina Side

Margie did so many sexy SW pics through the year too :-) Here's 'look out' and 'Feel the power of the Latina Side'

Return of the Dead Eye

Paige Snowpaw in 'Return of the Dead Eye'

'May the 4th be with you', and with Kelly Marcus!

Force Awakens

Duel of the Fates


Leading to the release of the new movie, Jadelyn McAuley uploaded many sensational pictures.

Evil will Prevail - Happy SW day

Graham Collinson and Fleur are other aficionados of the May the 4th tradition



'Oh my goodness... Master Luke, please rescue me!', one hilarious shot by Werre Stand

Use The Force Harder

'Use the Force harder' by Reddevil Studios

'The force this one has?' by Akira Voorhees

'Who dares disturb my Master's sleep', asks Miss Blackflag

Have You Felt It?

'Have you felt it?' by Serenity Kristan-Faulds

May the Tits be with you!

And since I always like to end on a positive note... 'May the Tis be with you!' says Envy Trevellion!

Thank you again everyone for the wonderful photos , all year long! Long live and pros....ah , damn it, wrong one again!


  1. Great post! Nice to see the May 4th tradition alive and well! Still lots of fun! Nice work by everybody included in the gallery. Thanks so much for featuring my work. :) x

  2. Truly awesome work by the community on such a fun theme. Congratulations everyone!