Monday, May 16, 2016

Wanna Flick? 100% Hot Stuff Inside

Again it's time to spread the love. Because, Girls Love Boys!

Girls love Boys in Motion - the poster

And this particular girl, Marika Blaisdale, is a girl that loves to spread! Yep, spread them boys open!

Now I am being facetious, but you know my enthusiasm for the work of Marika, and I am always extra-confident that simply showing the quality of what she is capable of producing is enough testament to its value to put both her and me in a safe spot. One where it is quite obvious that the personal close ties I have with her are not hampering my judgement. Well, not that I am here to judge...I am here to show.

Show and put the spotlight on the filmed version of what must be the longest running series in porn pictorials, certainly the one that takes the longest to list ! Did you know that it is as its XLIII episode, and I am showing now what would have been episode XXXVI ?
Thought so!

" Some time ago I've made quite nice set with sexy model Ritt. I admit, I planned making the clip that is in the same location with him, and finally, it happened. Warning: 100% shemale stuff inside. "

100% shemale inside for sure, the 'Girls love motion' series is sure to deliver brilliant visuals comparable to the standard of excellence that Marika got us used to through her photos. In this case, featuring as model Ritt, for one hot dirty affair in a public restroom.

This sixth episode is preceeded by two with a remarkable model in Cin, source of inspiration for Marika in more photos as well. But I am gonna cover those soon for a little surprise feature. I am meanwhile presenting you a little visual treat with part 3, with Zeus Adored.

Girls love Boys in Motion - the poster

" Episode number 3 of my adventures with handsome boys.
Almost 9 minutes of hot, shemale action inside."

I am as I mentioned in the past an unapologetic fan of 'serialized' porn, as much as I am a fan of stories. The two may appear in contraddiction, but I don't believe so. A lot of our lives, SL even, don't seem to follow the rules of compelling storytelling, but are rather based on repetition. A series is solid frame you can use to focus your efforts. All the 'narrative' you need, is knowing that you are adding one bit to your larger project.

The challenge is not letting it become routine, and finding instead something new and interesting. Variations on a theme is what make series very interesting to me. I am always intrigued by how Marika can manage to make look interesting her 'strictly sex' adventures with the boys.

Marika enjoys to play with the POV when she shoots vids, and her use of depth of field and caliginous atmospheres are artistic traits of her whole production. Together with a certain intangible quality in her choice of looks and locations that truly fits her no-nonsense style and poise overseeing a rich artistic sensitivity.

....I think my point is that there's a lot of buttfucking and it looks very good!

So you should totally check this out! Warning shmarning, there's shemale stuff inside yes, but catching yourself oogle at the beautiful curves of Marika and watch a cock violate a tight hole is pretty much ok, in case you are wondering.... Oh wait, no, that was not my warning. I know that if this is not your cup of tea, you won't watch it, and if you feel 'offended' or distubed by it, a blog like ours is not a 'safe' one for you.
So here's more dick pics, dick in asses pics,and dicks rubbing together jizzing all over one another! There!
Oh I guess this was a warning...I am that nice.

Oh yes, my true warning: the audio doesn't work in the HD version, due to a now known issue of Naughty Machinima. I'd suggest to NOT hit the HD button on the player then, as the quality of the video is high enough in the normal version, and the soundtracks chose by Marika for both movies are neat.

So, just enjoy the movies now , after the jump!

And whenever you want a project of yours covered on the blog, I'll be very happy to do so! 
Contact me in-world for more infos!

Girls Love Boys in Motion Series Episode 6

Girls Love Boys in Motion Series Episode 3

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