Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wanna Sci-Flick? Spacestations are fun!

Today of course is a very special day for many of us!
Star Wars has a very special place in the imagination if not in the hearts of a large part of the adult arts community. Not just because most porn people are closet nerds, not even because lightsabers are such archetypal phallic extensions, but simply because it's such an iconic saga that influenced a large part of the way sci-fi evolved, and many individuals who got bitten by the cinema bug and decided to make movies in SL.

While we await excitedly new movies inspired by Star Wars and a certain Epic Saga with lighsabers, desertic planets, ruthless slave owners and people who can't hit the broad side of a barn (even if they got Partee's butt), I am glad to present the latest sci-fi themed movie seen in group, BeeQueen Smythe's 'Spacestation 69'.

Ohh, a movie that makes use of the subtitles! Yep, this flick has certainly originality on its side, and a stellar (get it?) cast of talented porn personalities who get to appear in one of those funny only-in-sl productions. What RL porn would ever be able to cast a giant lizard man? Having played a reptilian xenomorph myself, I definitely can get behind the thrill to add unusual roles to one's portfolio!

The movie has rhythm, is 'busy' from beginning to end and is filmed in a convincing setting with enough details to make for an immersive experience. The actors involved are Ali Fox, Daxie777, Emilybaxton, josmiguelch, Lyn Wells and Lily (Rhian Kohime) and BeeQueen herself. Well coordinated in a few group scenes.

This is not the first time that we see on the blog pages the Bus(t)y Bee, owner of the well known adult establishment Wesh Beauties. Besides Ali's gallery coverage, we had chance to see her in Busted Magazine in a sci-fi flavoured shoot, and glimpses of her comic productions on the pages of SL Connoisseur in the past, with her adventures having a new 'home' now. But it's the first time I cover on the blog Bee's moviemaking effort!

A few of Bee's uploads on Naughtymachinima are slideshows, such at Trouble in Edo and Car-Park, while others such as Sweet Latex are SL videos like this one. Bee is obviously keen on exploring various fetishes and kinky situations, and we look forward to see more of this active performer and artist, thanking her also for the casting calls for her projects!

I am looking forward to present more of Bee's movies in the next future, and to check her production on both flickr and Naughtymachinima ! (above, screenshots from Sweet Lateex, below images from Hawt Evening. And watch Spacestation 69, after the jump!

Hit me up inworld for some serious blogging! Yeah baby!

Spacestation 69

....and since it's May the 4th, a little surprise. I couldn't refrain from embedding a real May The 4th Classic!
From Serenity Kristan-Faulds, the very well received, sexy, funny, Encounter on Tattooine!
Released right before last year, it's still the paragon for every Star Wars inspired adult production in SL.

Encounter On Tatooine powered by XTube

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