Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Sep 2


Welcome to your Official Pornstars® Gallery, for your Topless Tuesday edition. Or, Titty Tuesday. There are two schools of thought on that. I like Topless better. There's that group and all. Anyway! Our opening picture is by the perennialy sexy Kirsten Smith, unfortunately sold by pirates as a slave. I say 'unfortunately' because I missed the auction. Can't they do those things on ebay? Pfft.

So, we have then the beautiful Serenity Kristan-Faulds, with a great choice of 'panties' for this one, and with her of course Louise, and something I can't identify. Might be something she bought from Jawas for her upcoming movie.
For the rest of the hot photos, we have some by: Jodie, Elo, Cindyyyyyyyy (and I thought Jennnnnaa was tricky to type) by herself and still her by Brat Amanda. And of course, there's more! Bewitched Difference by Solidx, Lunacara, Venus Petrov, the stunning Pussie Galore by Barby Mekan!ç, Kelli Kristan, and of course, Uccello Poultry (don't miss her blog post about it! Hey I liked the original version too...).

Not just them, but also Hunii Bunni, Abbie Flagon, Laura Demonista playing Madame de Pompadour (another Marquise in the blog in less than 24 hours! Wow, we are so posh)in 3 pics, Domino Dupre playing Domino in 2, and we close with Insane Varonia and the yummy JayJay Moyet by Charles Parker, and with Kat Kassner getting well deserved attention from Jinx Jiersen.

Phew. Thanks for giving me your attention, I knew showing you boobs was a good way to get it.
See you tomorrow!

Rise Of The Machines Jodie - Studio Playing_007 Loops on Boobs Back to blonde 2 my toy Cowgirl lying in a cornfield. yellow Last 

stand nine gallons Titties Tuesday Topless Tuesday 09-02-2014 Final Sweet Petals-HP02 Lisa_001 Let 

Them Eat Cake (except Edinei) Madame de Pompadour Vive la révolution Peek
The Point of No Return
·٠•● Fifty Sнαdєs øf Grєy ●•٠· Burlesque
Performing for attention

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