Sunday, May 15, 2016

Wanna Flick? Zane meets people!

Some video coverage for you! Picking up this time a few from one of the active filmakers on the scene. Beginning with...

The name of this flick is an obvious nod to the 'trademark' title you can see as fil rouge in the photos of Zane's co-star in here. She's A starlet with a most remarkable appearance and personality, the sweet, bubbly, sexy Chloe Cotton.

In this 'adventure' of hers, Chloe decides to take a shower at Zane's japanese themed house, and can imagine how it ends up! In fact, you have not just this movie to follow the story from, but you have at your disposal the photographic and verbal skills of Chloe herself in the photo version of the shoot.

Zanerotica. 1 of 12 (Adventures of Chloe Cotton ♥)

Which like most of her production is a must-see and stimulating to read! Here you can see though, that it's no photoedit trickery, nu-uh! She looks so smexy right here on tape as well! Yes, I said on tape, cuz i am old.

Arfull Zane is a prolific director who has distinguished himself for working with some of the Sexiest figures in porn ( I think the first time I heard about him was in one of the naughty endeavours with another well established at the time -and well-educated- Chloe..) , and miss Cotton here is a joy to watch. The expressive possibilities and the detail of a full mesh avi are certainly some of the perks of this increasingly popular choice.

Another remarkable pornstar who shows time and time again on screen how to make a look 'your own', characterized by originality and sheer sexiness is the gorgeous Zuby Gloom, and Zane met her one month ago...

Of course in another sex packed encounter! I must say, Zane's sound choices alway manage to get my attention. If in his flick with Chloe it's a two-some between strings and piano, in THIS one, the soundtrack is...well, let's say that this track, I put it up there with one of Moonie's signature songs for the hump-day party, and with the immortal Brit-x hymn in terms of...I don't even know what.

Zuby needs no introduction, and the beauty of her avi shines throughout the movie.

Zane is getting a good mileage out of that oriental residence, as one week ago he shot there another returning actress for him...

As you can see, the theme is 'shibari', and the jokes about you, dunno, being BOUND to enjoy this , just write themselves. Or they don't but I am too lazy to type them so you have to fill the blanks? Dunno.
Anyway, you can see Zane doesn't just have a particularly bawdy song collection and a shower-perving chair, but also one of those tea tables you can tie people on! I was on one just yesterday in a laggy sim, and I am not even kidding. The man comes prepared!

Three movies, three hot girls in straight interracial sex, with a kinky flavour in Bound, playful energetic boinking when Zuby meets Zane, and a hot and wet affair when Chloe meets Zane. Worth checking out, and hope to see each of these very interesting and somewhat underutilized actresses in more productions soon. A big thanks to mr Artfull Zane for doing this, making the porn scene more lively.

Enjoy these 3 movies after the jump!

Jump with me, watch the vids and talk to me about your productions, you know I'd love to see your work on the blog!

The Adventures of Chloe Cotton (Chloe Meets Zane) 

Chloe meets Zane powered by XTube

Zuby Meets Zane 

Zuby Meets Zane powered by XTube


Bound powered by XTube

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