Monday, September 1, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Sep 1

That's what friends are for

Happy Ass Monday to all of you Sexiest® people. Time for some gallery stuff, praising the noble part that allows us to sit on our chairs comfortably and admire all these curves. And there's no neglecting other parts, as shown in the photo by the great Caarolyne, showing Kanni and Pandora Nitely from the rear, sharing a taste of Sin Nightly.

And of course there is more, with : Gwendo Beck by Junah, two cheeky and provoking pic by David Dowd with Lily, Jodi Sharple showing her well studied body, Jellybean Beaumont, a lil' peek of Pussie Galore's coin slot by mr. S. And, Pamela Kanto in 2 photos, and more assorted erotica by : Hunii Bunni, Domino Dupre, William Weaver, Juicy Tequila, Eva Brunswick, Cindy Starostin, the fantastic fashion blogger Volupturaptor Perl, Bre Leroux! And, hot cars and bottoms with Roberta Romano and with Laura Demonista (she has a good collection of those!), to then end the gallery with a top shot by Las Claven and by a TC Tackleberry posing on her flickr post a question that indeed has been puzzling me for a while.
Anyway! That's it for today, a big kiss to our Egyptian readers, and see you tomorrow!

@the beach with Gwen 01 Bad 

Girl Grind it Jodi-art-10-final Warmth Back Order Rear pleasure Heavenly Yummi-HP01 Ready and Waiting suspension of regular breathing.. Bathe Crash Beach Babe 2 untitled Public Lip Service RR746 Vetted Jigglybits Reckless
Egyptian Walk

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