Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Places to Play: Vicious Desires

The first thing that grabs you when you arrive at Vicious Desires is the smell of food frying, since the entrance point is a neat little resteraunt. From that point, there are a whole lot of things that may grab you on this huge, predator/prey style sim.
Did I mention the place is huge? You'd be hard pressed to come up with any kind of role play that Vicious doesn't cater to with some of the latest and greatest equpment around. Some highlights...
* A loaded little town
* BDSM areas
* Maze
* Countless buildings and houses
* Barn
* Saloon
Even if you don't have anything particular on your mind, it's a wonderful place to just roam around and discover. And to add to the xxxploration, be sure to pick up a predator or Prey HUD, designed for Vicious Desires at the landing point.

VICIOUS DESIRES: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hematite%20Island/173/12/24

Now to let sim owner, Gia, take it away.

So tell me a bit about the kinky mind that is Gia?
Gia - Had some trouble answering this one so I've asked a few friends to help me:
"Seems all sweet and innocent, but she's not fooling me! Never seen anyone come alive faster to sound of a whip in the morning air" ~Salter~
" Innocent my Ass"!.. the ho-ho  is about the kinkestist,  devilish, erotic, Ho-trumped Ho-ho Ive ever had the pleasure to stand on 5th and Wesson  corner.. not only that she makes more money than i do.. talks more smack.. and gets the best taxi drivers to pick her up.. hell shes the favorite down at the YMCA.. and the  last one into  confession! but she never has to say her Hail Marries!.. not fair.. i still think she be  maken eyeballs at the dude in black robes.. oh and her mama.. she sold her.. nods.. she did.. got 50 bucks  down there on the pier.. seen it meself! the copper  let her off the hook tho.. she offered em 3 crispy creams.. nods.. so yeah.. no so innocent!! but i still loves the bish.. cuz she loves me to!".. ~Addison Salter~
"Gia is like maybe the biggest perving around..even from her skybox making pics..or following people who busy rping.....naughty lil chicka"
~ DarkGrabber ~
" What is Gia little kink huh......Well I think Gia's little kink is to watch others to be taken or caught.  It is evident from all the traps around the sim.  Her laughs can be heard in the distance as she watches the next helpless victim of one of her traps.   But we love you anyway! " lol
~ Moonman Linette ~
At the entrance to Vicious Desires
What brought about the creation of Vicious Desires?
Gia - I have enjoyed RP'ing at many of the CARP sims, but didn't agree with the way they had set up their capture of the the prey by total lockdown (Blindfold, gag and full set of cuffs placed on them by a hud at capture, instead of the predator selecting it himself and just having to unlock everything just so his/her prey could walk ) and with no means to defend themselves either.
Erika Thorkveld at one of the BDSM areas
The predators were all invincible, none of the traps would effect them yet they did the prey.. I wanted something more of a challenge for the prey and the predator. I was told that the Predators would not come, they liked it easy without the challenge. Our group has hit 1000 members in two months now and still growing.
Colleen Criss: The Dungeon

How long did it take, and did you do all this alone!?
Gia - It took me a month to design and build the sim on my own and my scriptor Joy Stipe another month to build the huds Predator and Prey.  I also asked Amalia Illios from AI Toys to build an RLV Tranqulizer gun for the sim, that both the Predator and Prey can use.
Serenity Kristan-Faulds: Treehouse and Barn

So what can a visitor to Vicious Desires look forward to when they drop by?
Gia - A Friendly RLV, Prey, Pred playground for CARP style RP Hunting, kidnapping, rlv traps.
Theme is  forced sex (rape, intimidation, blackmail, etc) post apocalyptic wastelands atmosphere. This is a fantasy role play in a safe controlled adult environment.  The staff is very friendly and willing to help set up huds, release people from traps on requests and to answer any questions regarding the sim or the rules here.

What part of the sim would you consider a "must see" ... and why?
Gia - Really it's hard to list just one "must see" but the tunnel maze turned out really nice with a great dungeon at the finish, the Saloon is a great social area and the BDSM cave in the NW corner of the sim seems to be a favorite of many.
Kirsten Smith: Dungeon at the end of the Maze

Membership fees: Membership is free along with the huds
Voice:  Voice is allowed but if rp'ing take it private
Club/music (type):  Rock is played on the sim and twice a month we have a DJ come in on Saturdays for events... Latex, Barely There, Leather, Lace and so on......
Adult toys: Oh too many to list here but here is a taste of what you may find..  BH BDSM furnishings, Taylor Toys,  WSS Wierd Sex Stuff, CC Activity Cage, NBN,  Gothic Triumvirate, SlutMaker v5.9, Dutchie, Diabolical Super Science
Domino and Erika: Town

Gia - I also wanted to give a place for the over sized avi's to play they are also welcomed here the Werewolves, Wolfkins, Minotuars, Trolls, all Bi-peds even Furries can come play at Vicious Desires.

Erika: Roaming





  1. A great post, and series. Really well done. Relevant and useful to the group. TY also for the appearance as a model! :)

  2. I like to play with friends, yet I didn't know anyone when I first came to Vicious Desires. That quickly changed! CARP *and* a hangout! SueZeeQ

  3. While I will say that VD is better than a lot of the higher traffic sex sims, it is kind of weak in it's design philosophy. I don't quite get the "post apocalyptic" vibe. I get that it's a more advanced sim than, say, Public Disgrace. That's a good if niche thing. The feel I get from the sim is more a hodge podge of WTF at times. I can't get the themes that are supposed to be there. That could be just me though.

  4. For those asking why 'negative comments' have not been allowed to accompany this post. Our Blogs policy is not to publish negative content. Look hard, you won't find any. At worst, we allow some critique. Certainly not personal slander. The post was put together by Domino in good faith and she saw the place as she found it. She wrote about and featured the place as any SL resident would find it, i don't blame her for not investigating everybody involved, their SL life history, politics, or drama record. 'Negative Comments' which we always delete here often come in the form of 'Anonymous' messages, and get abusive, with name calling, accusing people of things we do not have time or the inclination to confirm or prove false one way or another. The article was produced on 'face value' after Domino visited the sim, we're not invested in it: we publish a destination guide we thought our members would enjoy. I'm sure any wrong doing, if it exists, can be rectified by LL once you report it to them rather than me.

  5. Hi all. Just want to drop a few lines here. I love to see feedback, so thanks for the comments, BUT, keep it in line with the idea behind the post, which is about a location, and that's it. I roam around SL, find a place that grabs my attention and go from there. I do NOT take the time to investigate the history of the location or background check the people involved with it. I offer info that would apply to anyone that was visiting the sim for the first time...the basics. Beyond that, it is up to the guest that cares to pursue a place in more detail. What details do appear in the article are mostly direct quotes from those involved and accepted as fact ... bad journalism, but I am not a reporter.
    While I do take suggestions for places. there is no other way for a place to be featured here other than I see it, I like it, I shoot it. This blog doesn't direct my choices, nor do I get paid to do this, by anyone. Origionally, these pieces appeared on my blog, but I asked if they could run here so more people could be exposed to these places and enjoy them if they like.
    That's it...no secret agenda. Hope you enjoy these posts and have a terrific day!

    1. Maybe you should consider visiting the location that Gia enjoyed enough to take her ideas from, including some of their content in the beginning. But, I digress, it would likely be a conflict of interest since there seemed to be no filter on her comments as there are on these, allowing her to falsely make statements in regards to that location and how it operates. Despite not blatantly saying who she was referring to, it is quite obvious to anyone with any knowledge of the two sims.

      And just for the record, yes, I am a member of both groups, and thus the reason that I am posting as anonymous. I'm not here to pledge allegiance to one and hang myself with the other, I'm just calling it like i see it. Both have their strong and down sides. But if you're going to compare build quality, there is hands down no comparison. One overall theme and feel takes the win when you compare it to a dozen random thoughts thrown in a box, shaken up, and dumped out on the ground. Not to mention it being extremely difficult to RP with anyone when both you and your partner are constantly being subjected to the overabundance of RLV traps at VD.

    2. Hi. Well, there was no filter on her comments because she was asked a direct question and answered. She has directly tied herself by name to what she has said, something most people being "filtered" here are not willing to do. It's great that you have been able to enjoy both places, in spite of what appears to be a bias toward one over the other and that you visited VD, though you don't seem to care for the owner.
      QUOTE - "it is quite obvious to anyone with any knowledge of the two sims." Places to Play is about pointing out places for someone to visit for the first time and draw their own conclusions...just like you did :). It is not for uncovering the sordid details that lurk behind just about every sim if you turn over enough rocks.

  6. Vary nice post Domino, but I have to disagree with your assessment of Vicious Desires. The sim looks to have been thrown together with no forethought and a lack of any theme. The amount of cheap RLV gizmos and the low traffic reminds me of the pose ball places for the early days of Second Life. Really .... giant one eyed plants that grab and use you. The hud system lacks even the basic functions of a Sassy's Bad Day skirt. I'm sure VD has things to offer folks who like that kind of things, but for me this is not a Role Play paradise.

    Shadow Heinkel (in world name)

    1. Thanks for the compliment. I believe I said there was something there for about every taste, which I can see could also mean lack of theme. Now if this blog was targeting the Predator/Prey RP crowd, my take may have been different, but it doesn't. What I try to do for this readership is show them some places they may not know about where they can engage in naughtiness and/or take pictures. If someone has a specific lean to the type of sim activity featured, I imagine that they will pursue more detail on their own.
      I did not find a sim covered in poseballs, those are detrimental to photography, nor did every piece of equipment strike me as cheap or I would not have featured the place. Some, yes, but overall the sim is photographic and capable of providing a naughty diversion.

      Thank you for sharing your opinion and have a terrific day.

  7. I read the whole interview, and have read all the comments. Being someone who is a member of both VD and its main competitor, there are things that I like and dislike about both. I enjoy the fact that, as prey, I have more options for escape and fighting back at VD; I like these there, because letting it be completely open to the public and free, there tends to be an abundance of people who are either unskilled at any RP at all, or those who just want to catch you and quietly violate your avatar for an hour with no interaction other than changing positions and the occasional "mmm" or "ohh", and the nooblets who roam the sim already naked with a 2 foot erection constantly swinging. The competitor having a membership fee tends to weed out a lot of these, so the quality of predators is, on a whole, an exponentially better interactive experience. Also there seems to be a lot of people who roam the VD sim who can't take no for an answer, even when you really do mean no, so I end up logging out in frustration more often than I would like. I would enjoy a few more ways to combat predators at the SL sim, but overall I have had such good experiences that, in the end, I am glad I got captured.

    What really does bother me about this post is the misinformation that Gia presents in her interview, both about the competitor and her own sim. She states that there are no ways to fight predators on the SL sim, but everyone has access to the dart guns, not just predators, and if they are using RLV as well then they can be imprisoned or trapped on nearby devices long enough to make a getaway. She also states that she alone designed and built the whole sim, and that Joy Stipe did the coding for the huds, both of which are completely false. If you go there and examine the equipment at VD, you will find that all but a few things are owned by someone named "Mikno"... this was her former Master and partner, who also did the coding for the huds, and wrote all of the literature for the notecards. He is the one who initially arranged the land purchase, did all of the terraforming, bought and installed all of the equipment that was there since the opening, and made the place what it is. He was promptly rewarded with Gia banning him, dissolving the parntership to repartner with her current one, and blocking him. None of this is heresay, there is solid evidence that is retained by the true builder, such as pictures of the setups, chat logs, transactions, etc. I have heard recently that Gia is even starting to take credit for some artwork that she had gotten commissioned for the place, which would not be a surprise. I laid low and said nothing for a long time, but Gia going public with such an unforgivable lie is just too much. I know this comment will probably not be posted, but I just thought that the real truth should be known.

    1. Thanks for commenting. As you can see, you were posted and the first part of your post, an opinion backed by your experience, is great. I'm going to point out though that you are comparing VD with their main "competitor." Since you do not name the place, you aren't providing info that benefits the readership these pieces are aimed at, which is someone who has never been to the featured location. I will never compare places because I'm not qualified to select one over another, since my experience at a place prior to an article, is that of a new visitor. Second, these articles feature a variety of places, and it would be just plain silly to try and compare say EVERY adult beach in SL. So while any opinion, good or bad, about a place I select is great, I'd appreciate comments that stay on point.

      The second part of your comment really doesn't belong here. I like to take people at their word, but even if everything you state is a lock down fact, how is it relevant to someone making their first visit to VD? I'm not sure how this fits the purpose of this article. All of this might be relevant for an investigative piece, maybe some SL gossip rag, but not here. To be honest, I find airing out in public what sounds like something between two people, maybe two sims/groups, to be rather distasteful.

      Thanks again for your comment and have a great day :)

    2. Hello Domino. I love how you are handling all this as "This is what I found and experienced". Thank you for your unbiased review.
      The competitor (and I use that term loosely as we're not in a competition for any prize or sales) that every one is referring to is "Serenity Lost".
      Serenity was Gia's play ground for a long time before she moved on to open VD. There were some hard feelings and accusations made, whether true or false I wont comment on, that I agree with you don't belong in this kind of venue. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading more of your reviews. And come pay us a visit at Serenity lost.

      Shadow Heinkel
      Serenity Lost Staff

  8. Hello , to comment at Domino . i think the comment he/she made is just as valuable, to me as a reader , as your disguised flame baiting. you say you do not choose a party . but obviously you do by trying to build a supportive reaction to his / her reaction. " example - i would love to know if there might be dmca actions against such a sim as VD " you might think hows that relevant to this article , well for one you host a picture, in your blog that shows art work that only i have rights to, could you show me my written permission to host this?
    and to show you that his/her info was relevant , there are tons of items being returned to there rightful owners , at this time , might have caused the VD sim to look completely different . i mean whats the use in posting a article about a sim . if it wont hold its looks because Gia misinformed you guys . besides the only thing that was wrong in his / her comment was that i never did any scripting , yes i talked to about a few hundred for Gia but i never scripted there equipment.
    its true that i terraformed the sim , and i wont go as far as saying that Gia uses ppl . but she did not play nice lets put it that way

    as for the sim and the equipment i know enough role play sims that offer a better hud and weapon system, as the person above me stated " The hud system lacks even the basic functions of a Sassy's Bad Day skirt." and this is true Huds on other Role Play sims are way more Advanced , joy would never be my choice as a scriptwriter for any of my stuff.
    Sure Vicious Desires has great looks and its a nice place to hang out , if you fit into the formed group , if you utter a opinion to solid there you get a free ban . by a 36 day old general that Gia appointed . and you think its strange ppl react a bit harsh , i don't think so unless or freedom of speech got taken from us here to just like on VD . not everyone will like the raping and annoying prehistoric plant traps on vd , but if you are into this kind of thing its a great place , just do not call it role play sim , because being raped by a NPC trap has nothing to do with CARP style sims.

    i might not get posted :) but i still try to say what i want to i should be allowed to have a opinion .

    Friendly greets Mikno