Thursday, August 21, 2014

'Teaching is fun' by Dakota Faith



Totally awesome to see Dakota Faith have fun with her photography and come up with literally one sexy photoshoot after another. This post opens and closes with a tender intimate view from her in 'Bed', but focuses on the 'Teaching is fun' photo set.

Well class, I'm afraid your usual teacher is a little tied up and having trouble walking at the moment, so he asked me, Miss Dakota, to come in and explain about how if you pick up a girl while you're at Kitty Kickers, you might well get a whole lot more than you bargained for... just like he did last night....

Oh, and you girl, yes you, you stay behind at the end..... I think you're going to need some private tuition...

That sounds highly irregular. Gotta stay tuned and see how it goes, right? Enjoy, on Dakota's flickr!

Ain't No Substitute_002

Ain't No Substitute_004

Ain't No Substitute_007

Ain't No Substitute_009

Ain't No Substitute_012

Ain't No Substitute_014

Ain't No Substitute_015

Ain't No Substitute_016

Ain't No Substitute_017

Ain't No Substitute_018

Ain't No Substitute_021

Ain't No Substitute_020

Ain't No Substitute_022



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