Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Aug 30

Fair Trade


Ok, Laura Demonista always knows how to leave me speechless.

Today on The Official Pornstars® Gallery: 4 ultra-hot blondes (Jazzy Shade, Chandi, Lexi Milan and Envy Watts) by Hoobs, Dokielicious Doobie with Mack III (Mw Jonson) on a human powered merry-go-round, and Cissy March, 'discovered' by Graham Collinson. That's a good start, no?
Then: suspiciously coloured Joyla (hey, I know what that is, it was on a House game, right?), Kat Kassner, Krystel Kayo, Shanelicious by Bosley Diavolo, once and twice more the lovely work by Daimaju Clowes, and photos by the latest (and apparently last for a while) Elroy Click set.

You want more? Jeez, insatiable. There you go. Lots to look at as Carla Draesia is in action meeting Caroline Republic, followed by the junoesque Dia Carver (Diablo Starship) by Christion Sparta, followed by small-framed Ashlynn Jameson kickstarting fun-sized (at least in some spots) Nichola Catteneo (by Melinakis) and...allright, we put the red lights on for awesomeness by Ali Lancrae and by the always surprising Sugar Vegas (Babygirl Luv). Have a great Saturday night and party like pornstars!

Hot Blondes The 

Roundabout Challenge Flame II Flame IV Flame V Tinting gone awry The old Poloroid Trying out Photoshop SL Skills Shanelicious 71 Clowes Studio Works Clowes Studio Works 82914B_006 82914B_008 82914B_001 82914B_003 MEETING CAROLINE_13082014_001 MEETING CAROLINE_13082014_004 Dirty Monkey Presents:Mz Diablo Kick Start... Hell's Angel
Backstreet Geisha
Kyoto nights

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