Wednesday, August 13, 2014

It's a Man's Man's Man's World

World of Men

...kind of. No, I am not declaring today to be a Wiener Wednesday, but still ! There have been quite a lot hot studs pics around, that I figured to make a post about it. And that is not even counting (for now...) a certain project carried by a certain ingenious blonde. *whistles innocently*

On this post, pictures from the ongoing World of Men series by Eva Brunswick, and from 2 projects not specifically aimed at guys but that featured plenty, the majority of the models in fact (you go, guys!): Tropical Nights by Erinyes Celestalis, and the National Underwear Day paparazzi effort from Meg that I already covered here (but there are so many yummy guys there that I needed to slip some more in!).

Enjoy, girls!
Models are credited in the pics.

beach ~ taurion 2

beach ~ taurion 1

World of Men

beach ~ bane 1

beach ~ bane 3

World of Men

beach ~ mark 1

beach ~ mark 2

World of Men

beach ~ wolf 3

beach ~ wolf 2

World of Men

Ryu-HBIC Model

Dillon Lecker-HBIC Model

World of Men

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