Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Aug 24

Got myself a WOODen bench

Hello and welcome to your Official Pornstars® Gallery. On a Sunday. As I write this post, the party at Erotique is set to start, and as you can see our dj Yana Grau looks in pretty good shape.

Now, let's list the smexy models and great photographers in today's gallery: after Yana and Ashlynn in Melinakis' pic, we have superb artwork by Luka, Driscol Byron, Sugar, 3 photos by Ivori Faith, Solidx by Bewitched Difference, Annangela, Klaudia, 2 shots by Yoho Waco, 2 by Strawberry Singh engaged in SERPENT SEX, 2 by Sam Hanks without cold blooded reptiles (unless you have a really low opinion about me!), and another couple of shots by Be with Solidx. Casting aside Solid and snakes (!), we close the gallery with Ashley Akiko (Amosa Sugarplum), Laura Demonista, Elmaria Barbosa, and with something that always fascinates me: same set, 2 photographers' different take on it. This time it's the hugely talented Giada Brentley and Cypriss Hill. OK, and then some Exene Czervik at the end. Cos she is HOT! And I am out for now. See you around !

I want to know...
get up your chin (alpha) ; adore me. Cummin' 'Atcha! Cummin' 'Atcha! Cummin' 'Atcha! Solidx in front of my lens for a change :))) 125 Chill when it`s hot Big inside you Selfie eating pussy cuddle buddy Serpent Sex The Gorgeous Katina The Gorgeous Katina Solidx in front of my lens for a change :))) Solidx in front of my lens for a change :))) woken on the couch Shush The Water and the Milk Tank Come with me Come Here
Come Correct

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