Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Pornstars Rack : August Magazines (still?)

Summer is gonna end with the properbial bang. So, let's see some of said bang with hot SL magazines. Such as...


Aroused! Magazine Issue 9

Sometimes I think it would be best for me to just copy Marika's foreword on every issue, because she is really good at summarizing the experience of it. Of course I have a bit more insight on the 'behind the scenes' of her magazine than any other magazine I deal with, and wow, Marika really soldiered up to deliver timely this, with an unforeseen RL commitment that kept her busy a whole week. Which really could be a killer, for a bi-weekly magazine! But I doubt you could tell...

Yes! It's a Tati! We so miss her. 

...because the issue is packed with awesomeness as ever. I am really happy with the choice of the featured models and the circumstances of their shooting too. Eva Brunswick is one of the best people in porn, not enough can be said about her. I steal a quote from Marika here and say, that anyone who doesn't know her, 'Knows nothing about SL porn, really'. And we are all experts here, right? I am sure you don't mind some research anyway.
But OH, I gotta say, I was also so delighted to see the great Tatiana Easterwood model for the first time in quite a while. Too long!

Sir Stormbringer shoots a really hot session in this issue.

And as for the photographers, that's a big wow. Torian Stormbringer with his favourite models brings us one of the hottest photoshoots you can expect. And unseen pictures from Athena, yes, THE Athena, are a real gem. Those two fantastic photographers alone would be very well worth the read, and I am reaaaally restraining myself from posting more right here right now. But do get the magazine for that! And oh, you will also find there contributions from Roberta Romano and from Dannii Ghost, whose set made exclusively for Aroused's previous issue had to be bumped to this next one. And yeah, there's pics from Some Person whose name right now eludes me, too.

One more photo of cover girl Eva Brunswick, just because I wanna make you drool.

So, again, get Aroused! On MP

And actually, Aroused is now avalaible also in-world at auto-updating kiosks that you can have at your place as well! Contact Marika Blaisdale for feedback, to know more, and just to either make her offlines cap or to bug her while she is online with me. Because you are a bunch of sadists, and we love ya.

Feel free to contact me in world about your magazine, if you think its content is relevant to our blog readers. Thank you!

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