Saturday, August 9, 2014

The (un)Official Pornstars® Gallery - Swimsuit Special

Acey's Bikini Week Monday Edition

Welcome to this unusual, highly Unofficial Pornstars® Gallery. As much as I hate to admit it (especially since it was a rather sucky and rainy one here!), the summer season is close to its downward phase. We must enjoy what we have left of it, and one big part of it of course is, skimpy clothing.

This is a little collection of Sexiest® people enjoying their summer in their bathing suit, as opposed to say, they birthday suits. It's not a sex inspired gallery, although some would consider this display of belly buttons and bare ankles quite risqué! Enjoy, send me your favourite ones, preferrably but not necessarily with sharks, and we'll have more of these very soon.

The gallery opens with the wonderful Acey, who inspired me for this idea with her Bikini week, and continues with: Brat Amanda, Dokielicious Doobie, Jadelyn McAuley, Laura Demonista, Melinakis feat. Ashlynn Jameson, Connie Arida. There are 2 lovely Rack Poses inspired pics by Spirit Eleonara, the first also with Hard Rust, the second with Salena Lima and Marika Blaisdale, there's Burly Tigerpaw by Acey, Dorza Silveira, Sid Riler, 2 shots from Priscila Balogh's stream featuring herself and Layla Starletta and Kiki Rexen. To complete the gallery: Tamara Artis, Darkyn Dover with Dyana and OMG SHARK, one pic from the very rich Busted August special featuring and by Marika Svenson with Parthenea Mytilene, Iris Sweet and Nina Fearne, plus Rosa Rhiadra, Jeremy Seasick's work, a beachin' Icewind Silverfall, Piper, and Mallie Knox with a caption that is also my farewell. Till next time!

do you likey? Soaked Join Me? summer lovin' Trying to do something different Torso In Blue Sweet Kisses Beach Babes BBear DorzaBeach_011 From Aussieland Wish You a Great 4th of July <3 Brazilian PornStar Girls Me and Layla Sexy beach poses Shark! Beach Volleyball Babes 1 Life Guard On Duty Easy rider (customer) Snooze Sunset3
Happy summer

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