Monday, August 18, 2014

Catching up with... Brat Amanda

:D chained devil

Oh yeah. I love doing my Brat Amanda (Lovemebaby1000) catch-up posts. Because, going through her flickr is like going to the cake store. Or an all-you-can-eat buffet, maybe. Because, what you find there is not just pure yum, but also a lot of variety.

She appears in fantastic pictures by top artists, she does great pics by herself (the Bathing N Tears set you see below is really wonderfully done), and you can find glam pics, portraits, hardcore sex, and even a bit of dickgirl porn and bdsm.
But enough of my intro: enjoy Amanda's pictures, by Lasga Claven(x2), Athena Obviate(x2), Quise Radius, Nancy Deimatov(x2), and the Brat herself to the finish, featuring Bo and Kity. Check out her blog, regularly updated and full of brat!

Jigglybits Model of the week

Brat Amanda


Amanda - Too Much to Handle

Amanda: Waiting

amanda e kity


lick my boobs?

Blonde 3some Fun!

Drippin' on a Dick

Bathing N Tears 2

Bathing N Tears 3

Bathing N Tears 5

Bathing N Tears 7


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